Making use of HTML, CSS and JS, this timeline example is also pretty responsive. 7 October. 18 March. 24 July. Mustafa Kemal helps to found Fatherland (Vatan) Society in Damascus. Succession of Ismet Inonu as President of Turkey. 3 December. 29 May. Second Five Year Plan for industrial development. Summons Nationalist Congress to be held in Sivas. Fifth Grand National Assembly. Mustafa Kemal appointed second-in-command effective Commander of Second Army. Every event in a timeline can have a group property. Revolt by students of Military Medical School in Istanbul suppressed. Ottoman leadership signs secret alliance with Germany. By using show the Timeline Slider Jquery plugin where you want to … Mustafa Kemal appointed Inspector-General of Ninth (later Third) Army in Anatolia. 13 September. Best jQuery Timeline slider plugin with examples and demo.List consist of jquery vertical timeline, timline gragh chart, event timeline calender. Breakdown of Lausanne Conference. 12 August. 10 June. Mustafa Kemal establishes headquarters in Ankara, with Representative Committee. // Query for significant earthquakes in 2015 URL request looked like this: Use via … 23 September. Nationalist forces invade regions with Armenian revolts and capture Kars. Here I have used a JavaScript library named Swiper for easy work, this library is specially built for this work. Attempted assassination of Mustafa Kemal in Izmir is uncovered. Read More » Building Vertical Timeline With CSS and JavaScript. Britain and France declare war on Ottoman Empire. Soviet Union establishes Armenian Republic at Erivan. 10 November. Die … startItem 'first' 'first' 'last' 'number' It determines which content will be active at startup. Mustafa Kemal is posted to the General Staff in Istanbul. If you are thinking now how this timeline slider actually is, then see the preview given below. Treaty of Sevres signed by Sultan's Government. 1 January. Demo Download Tags: timeline Responsive Timeline Slider With JavaScript … 20 January. Revolt in eastern region. 4 May. Mustafa Kemal appointed Military Attaché in Sofia. Istanbul University is established. 21 June. 14 January. Previously I have shared a simple Timeline Design, but this is with slider and swiper. Made … 15 December - 5 January 1918. Visit of King Edward VIII to Ataturk in Istanbul. noUiSlider: lightweight JavaScript range slider with full touch support. Grand National Assembly at Ankara adopts Constitution Act, based on popular sovereignty. It consist of very simple interface for editing ,modern design and various transitions styles. Treaty of Lausanne signed in Switzerland by Turkey and the Entente powers that fought in World War I. Mustafa Kemal issues 'Declaration of Independence' at Amasya. Mustafa Kemal sent to Paris with military mission to attend French army manoeuvres. Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece at war with Ottoman Empire. The timeline script comes with 4 different timeline element types (blog post, mini gallery, slider and embedded iframe), each element type has its own unique feature and plenty of customizalbe options, which should suit all your needs. Mustafa Kemal given full powers as Commander-in-Chief by Grand National Assembly. Franco-Turkish agreement to send French and Turkish troops into Hatay, to supervise elections. Mustafa Kemal defends frontier north of Aleppo. Mustafa Kemal given title of “Gazi”and rank of Marshal by Grand National Assembly. Include the jQuery library and plugin: