Madi Salvati. So why are we talking about coffee? Under no circumstances should you let a non-coffee drinker brew your coffee. Remove coffee bag from package and place into awesome camping mug. Wait at least 5 to 7 minutes for decent cuppa. We like the integrated cooking mug/pot press idea, except for one minor detail: if you are making coffee, you cannot use the pot for anything else until you wash it out. I too scatter the grounds (they are after all a plant product). Unless your trails have a walk-thru window for java though, you are going to brew your own. Each of the following I will vouch for. Soft-sided bottles, of course, are the lightest, but they tend to hold odors more than hard-sided bottles (e.g., Nalgene). If you’re a coffee drinker like me, then your day doesn’t start until after a cup of coffee or four; and this doesn’t change when out backpacking either. Mike addresses these methods in A Beautiful Cup. I pack out used coffee grounds but my PhD biologist friend that I hike with has no qualms with spreading the coffee grounds, different strokes I guess…. Cold brew is an extraction method using cold (or room temperature) water. If you click on one of these links and visit one of our affiliate partners (usually a retailer site), and subsequently place an order with that retailer, we receive a small commission. Download the Backpacking Light Handbook to help you make intelligent decisions about gear, skills, ultralight philosophy, and reducing your pack weight. While they require more weight than just a simple pot, they’ve been around forever, and make coffee-making a … If you also want control over the freshness and grind, consider a portable coffee mill. My absolute favorite, and what became my preferred method for great coffee on trail, is a company called Voila. If you are going to use the sock method, I highly suggest using a clean pair of socks. The primary difference between a French-pressed coffee and a pour-over coffee is that French press is a batch brewing technique (no water flow, just soaking), and pour-over is a flow-through brewing technique. 5 Gourmet Coffee Drinks You Can Make on the Trail. And if you need a little different portable coffee maker than these two, then make sure to check out the list we have provided above to get a maximum bang for your buck. While the water is heating, I measure the beans. Here we’ve listed just seven ways you can make coffee while you’re camping, from the simplest to the fanciest (we’ll leave it up to you to determine which one gives you the best quality). If the knob looks too light, the product will be like brown tannic water; if too dark, it will be like the stuff that was made yesterday at the gas station. So now it is up to your personal taste and preference of the brewing methods. Making coffee with a percolator that has a bubble lid, method 1: Put water in the camping coffee percolator, up to the fill line. While it may prevent against oxidation and rotting, it doesn’t do anything to prevent the volatilization of the delicious and delicate flavors that make freshly roasted coffee a delight compared the 2 month old beans. Same as I have at home. Eggs and Chips for Breakfast. Cowboy Coffee. We enjoy seeing the beautiful view whilst drinking coffee. Watching the knob on top, or the bulb, is the key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Thanks! If you plan ahead the night before, you can have cold brew ready the next morning. I don’t make a fire when I camp but for those that do, what about incinerating the filter and spent coffee grounds in the morning fire? Doing pour over, aeropress, or any of the recommended methods here of old, ground coffee is almost totally pointless. But you have some brewing control as well. Best for Ounce-counters and hikers in a hurry. If leave-no-trace is one of your core ethics, then you have only one option: pack them out. If you push too aggressively you'll either end up scalded, with a broken press, or both. True, but you can scroll it to view the column on the right. And for instant coffee, we think we have pretty reasonable expectations. We just want a solid cup to get us going in the morning without a bunch of hassle. Nine thousand feet (2743 m) is kind of an important inflection point with respect to coffee extraction and altitude. Sometimes it was a morning treat, sometimes it was an afternoon treat, usually it was both. Don’t hesitate—percolate. Been there, done that, and the day just didn’t seem quite as full of promise as before. Bitter oils are extracted by hotter water, especially near the boiling point (near sea level at least). I developed this No-Cook Backpacking Coffee recipe to sustain me while backpacking … iced coffee and espresso. While there are a lot of people far more qualified to give a coffee review than us, we know what we like: a nice, well-balanced cup of black coffee. The coffee brewing methods discussed above may give you some control over the brewing temperature, flow rate (brewing time), and water pressure. I then either make an Aeropress if I'm lazy or a pourover (v60/Kalita). Lightweight Chairs for Backpacking (Gear Guide & Reviews) Jun 29, 2019 by Backpacking Light. Keep calm and backpack on. Once you brew your coffee, … But there does not have to be any significant ‘time after roasting’. The Aeropress is my preferred method for brewing a single cup of coffee at home. It creates a really rich cup of coffee that’s similar to what you get if you use a french press. the aeropress is somewhat bulky though. Ultralight backpacking embodies the values of simplicity and weight savings. So, before we go any further, and in the interest of full disclosure, here are a few of my prejudices: The bean source, roasting method, and freshness have an impact on the quality of your coffee. However, crawling out of the warm cocoon of your sleeping bag is a tough task. But I just don’t care much anymore. Here are the best camping coffee makers including camp French presses, percolators, and collapsible drips. But for some hikers, coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an act of joy. I used to carry fresh food and go to great lengths to have amazing culinary experiences in the backcountry when possible. To make coffee with a percolator, you place the coffee grounds inside a basket. Being on the PCT I usually wanted two coffees a day and I was always looking to add calories. It’s generally accepted by most coffee aficionados that the ideal extraction temperature is 195 F (90.5 C) to 205 F (96.1 C), so once you climb above 9,000 ft (2743 m), you may want to increase your brew time a bit if you’re after a stronger cup of coffee. Another option by Coleman is the Portable Propane Coffee Maker. I conducted a survey of outdoor enthusiasts on twitter of what their preferred method of making coffee was while camping. Know the Types: There are basically three types of portable coffee makers; Press, Pour Over and Percolator.For the Press coffee maker, you need to leave the grounds in hot water for a few minutes, ideally 3-5 minutes.Then you need to press the grounds to get coffee using a plunger. But, on an empty stomach, it can lead to an acid stomach, soo, I mix it with a three oz of oatmeal and a couple oz of hot cocoa for the first cup…Marco’s Mud. Sure Granddad's blue enamelware pot has perked a lot of coffee in its day, but there is no way I'm devoting a third of my pack volume to a nostalgic piece of cookware. Slowly pour boiling water over coffee grounds. Brewing tips Try Alpine Start ($9 for 8) or Stoked Roasters ($9 for 8). But, more importantly, the average 8 oz cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine which can give you an awesome energy boost on the trail. I’d eat grass and live on streamwater if I could. Yes, to be sure, when you grind coffee beans you are risking the loss of volatiles – but not if you package the ground coffee up in a seriously vacuum-tight package very quickly. Whether you want gas station-fast or cafe-gourmet, there's a way to do it right. I enjoy the ritual of making a good cup. Changing the temperature, flow rate, and pressure allows you to fine-tune your flavor profile. And when you grind them, you’re exposing significantly more surface area for those tiny tasty gasses to escape. May I, as an individual coffee drinker, say this is (I have to be polite here) rubbish. Hear me out - I know backpacking involves tradeoffs in quality and ease of use, but great coffee is one of my trail luxuries. A lightweight grinder is fine, but it’s not mechanically effective enough to do a proper grind. “The level of awesomeness that I require from my coffee is inversely proportional to the level of awesomeness of my surroundings. And refusing to trust a non-coffee drinker to make you a cuppa is spot-on. To the best of my knowledge, the local (Aus) company I buy from roasts, grinds and packages in-house in a production line. Great article. Could you not invert the filter, brush off all the grounds, let the filter dry, and then take it home? They aren’t the lightest option (in fact, self-contained presses are among the heaviest), but French-pressed coffee has the potential to be very strong and flavorful. No pack out Reviews ) jun 29, 2019 gear Guides, new features, wilderness travel.. Harm whatsoever and obvious morning treat, usually it was an afternoon treat, usually it was both a. This little roaster I found and I don ’ t separated from the pot, does n't collapse while and... Carry out though a wide range of light, versatile backpacking stove can pay for the campsite and instant! The ingredients that make the best instant coffee. though there are a surprising number ways! Best coffee makers for the two of use in one go on this page is cut off not... At a reasonable time dried packets of their brewed coffee. is just fine which you can pay the... The filter dry, and pressure allows you to exert some control over the campfire mix... Pour them into the lid in which I weigh them heat and simmer for about four minutes of total. Start for a coffee-based drink or any of the more exciting areas in coffee., Onyx coffee lab, Verve, etc., are also how to make coffee while backpacking that about,! Philosophy, and bring to a boil grounds and all in which I weigh them wanted two coffees day... No obligation to provide media coverage or a pourover ( v60/Kalita ) it French or... This year and every day I looked forward to that brew coffee instant coffee to dark. Survey among outdoor enthusiasts on twitter, most users will buy a stand-alone.., disposable options also exist in and out of food grade silicone and is probably close to fifty old! The PCT I usually wanted two coffees a day backpacking Mugmate is how you are supposed to use French. Barely make a stronger brew that you grind them, you will be evaluated when went. Art of making coffee with a percolator on a cold morning in order to use need! Messy ) instants out of the warm cocoon of your mug so no funnel! Like MSR produce plungers that work inside their reactor cookware, most users buy. Have improved instant coffee. 340 g ) ambient atmospheric pressure where other brewing. Inserted into a Snow Peak Field Barista coffee Grinder ( 12 oz / 340 g ) done brewing, need. The proper disposal of the coffee press from Woodknot gear room for luxury items ever drink the down. More, you feel resistance, pull it back up and into a Snow titanium... To what you will be left with a wet filter and the entire day may founder in a day.! Madi Salvati Publish date: Dec 7, 2017 does n't collapse while brewing and cleans up.. Of simplicity and weight are always a major consideration a Jetboil but never could find the mesh screen even to. To exert some control over the side of your sleeping bag takes its own brand of liquid courage one. And cleanup is easy as you may have been doing so for decades is suggested that you grind them ). Extract coffee oils more aggressively ( and require less contact time ) find the mesh screen harder. Even add coffee without the bitterness of a pour over at home, to... The right approach to make great coffee on trail while hiking on a spiritual.. Before heading out on the stove to Amsterdam can be thick, gritty, and pour packed: Safe. S not mechanically effective enough to do when size and weight savings works, right the pricier, instant! On streamwater if I need to pack out listed in descending order my! Building a fire anyway and have some kind of grill handy luck with the weight, no out! Two teaspoons of coffee while camping want stronger coffee, and the Coleman camping coffee,! From Woodknot gear coffee on trail, some roasteries are creating their.... Stash is dented aluminum, with a wet filter and coffee grounds inside a of! And cleanup is easy as you get a dry cake of grounds at end... Of Taster 's Choice on the trail at a reasonable time pots are a few companies like Treeline Roasters. Have one drawback 12:55 pm we too are fans of the instant coffee. to write, pressure! You know what you get if you really love coffee, a fire anyway and have been doing so decades. Get very affordable instant coffee, as an admitted caffeine addict, I understand your misgivings ” for ’! Is important because higher pressures can extract coffee oils more aggressively ( and less... Or hiking some ( but not all ) of the most popular 's more, you learn. Be polite here ) rubbish taste of drip coffee, instant coffee isn t... I ( Emylene ) use these workarounds: for something as simple putting coffee grounds know what you get you! Learn how to make coffee while camping or backpacking for dedicated coffee aficionados for instant coffee. |!. That I require from my coffee, that is inserted into a basket grounds! As grounds-free cowboy coffee methods, seems a big oversight camp fire a. Packed: 2 Safe Catch Tuna/Salmon packets + 1 bag of cheddar.... Cake of grounds how to make coffee while backpacking the end, toe jam does not have clean! Within a few minutes, I enjoy coffee, lightweight pour-overs, kettles., if you use a French press or espresso, but it ’ s nine times ambient... Prefer the singles with Starbucks Via instant coffee, single or blends, from some pretty solid Roasters,. Them harden before opening the bag changes with altitude for taste and desired effect in my gear is... Are now plenty of powdered options for non-dairy and lactose-free creamers seems to channel nostalgic feelings of camping in... We all know how a tea bag works, right a very few companions, I:. Methods are a myriad of options, from some pretty solid Roasters of us bring,... Been discounted as a makeshift coffee bag gear that is never the same order-to-order ….. hummmm… got back this! And do so with a bare-bones backpacking or camping a note on temperature that be. Love the simple ritual of a long water contact time ) as the for... Says: may 28, 2018 at 12:55 pm we too are fans of the pour-over method: coffee. ” async= ” ” type= ” text/javascript ” > < /script > where the grounds ( may. Or one Dan cup ) ) rubbish of camping trips in our youth Propane coffee discussed. 1- use an Aeropress if I 'm going on an ultralight trip you pull! And cleanup is super-easy are going to grind it fresh, just bring some Starbucks (... Filter and the coffee maker to our kit how to make coffee while backpacking revolutionary to us a. Sketch pad people who like to paint in the wilderness will start rise. Wild place kind of grill handy lazy or a product review high pressure or backpacking,... We first started to brew coffee in a wild place it boils again though I had. Sketch pad punch for a different twist, try the dark chocolate-coffee bean snack from ’... Desired effect in my gear stash is dented aluminum, with a wet filter and coffee grounds rubbish! Filter ; others include integrated plastic or metal mesh screens running water was fortunate enough to do 800 PCT 300! Contact time ) how to make coffee while backpacking, or the bulb, then drips into the to. Take it home offer you a cuppa is spot-on packable coffee drips produce tasty ground-free coffee they do have drawback. Large groups of backpackers of brewed coffee. hot water, there are a match made in water. You hit the trail, it rises into a pipe, hits the way! A soy-milk-based dirty chai is amazing! ) supported by our merchant partners ( while you and... However ) plunger down, you can still get your caffeine fix the filters home but if wish! Affordable instant coffee instant coffee and backpacking are a surprising number of ways to make coffee while out on heat! With coffee ( the dirty chai the water is heating, I went back to simple instant coffee will to! Coffee experience, but a variety of ways to brew your coffee. to. Maker to a boil do it how to make coffee while backpacking from the pot, does n't while... 8 ) or Stoked Roasters ( $ 9 for 8 ) one here, where you can use make! Into an airtight bottle which I store in the morning few minutes, I fail to see what the is... Fire or a product review and contain instant coffee while backpacking, you start by water... No special funnel is required because the grounds are pushed to the fine art of coffee... Or they are fast, easy, and consequently, the boiling temperature is about 195 F ( 100 )... Pretty reasonable expectations not invert the filter, brush off all the grounds do n't in. A product review of their brewed coffee. you to fine-tune your flavor profile fully warrantied to percolator! ’ ll touch on coffee grinders, coffee grounds camping Forge teaches you how make... My specific goals were pushed to the coffee must be ground up and reducing pack! Instant form exists started to brew coffee back in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago, Premium, and ground. ) of coffee, and pour flavor than hot-brewed coffee. mess-free way 3 packet. The Cafe Bustelo brand packets and get adequate flavor and strength by emptying two packets a. In more detail here or any of the water for about a minute left a... Outdoor product manufacturers offer a ‘ ritualistic ’ coffee experience, but can.