No need to install or launch software. Everytime you have to reinstall your computer you first have to install a GCC and cross-compiling environment, before you can change something on your keyboard. A special feature of QMK is that the layouts can overlap each other and are "stacked". What's better is that with a single keypress I can toggle between colemak and qwerty on the hardware. Hitting the thumb buttons on the advantage feels great and hitting the inside thumb buttons is pretty easy but I do have to stretch and look down. And feel really hard in direct comparison. In contrast to the fantastic number of key switch types at Ergodox, you can only choose between 2 key types for the Freestyle Edge RGB: Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red. The two space keys cannot be replaced at all, I have not found a shop offering keycaps with a width of 3.5U. Built into the ErgoDox firmware is the concept of layer stacks. In my layout, CTRL and y are on the same key, if you type briefly, if a y is typed, if you hold the key, CTRL is pressed. Luckily they shipped me new switches for free and allowed me to switch the myself (at my request due to timing). I type a lot, in my free time (e.g. However, there are a few minor "problems" (complaining about first world problems here ) that annoyed me: I would have liked a little more feedback for the last point, e.g. So I have to stretch a little to hit those and hitting the inside buttons on the EZ is a pain. Have you checked out the Dactyl, or Dactyl Manuform? SmartSet button + Profile button: Reloading the current profile. has only been added with the latest firmware version. I really thought that the Ergodox was great from the idea, only the execution was rather poor, because - as already described - half of the keys in the thumb cluster cannot be used as intended. This is practical to carry around, but what for? That makes so much sense, I don't want a keyboard without the feature anymore. There’s a "remap" button that I mentioned above. Originally bought because of wrist pain, I've had the kinesis advantage for 16 years, I'm on my third one and I've worn out keys on each one from so much use. (I would later learn that many Ergodox and Atreus design elements are inspired by the now-25-year-old Kinesis Model 100 design.) With the WristRest and the Tent Riser you end up at about 5 € more (depending on the shop and shipping costs of course, but you won't get it cheaper). I had to do "real" programming to get my shift keys to work correctly (which they don't on most layouts I've seen including the default one) but I could do that. However, QMK solved the switching between the layers superbly! It all feels a little unpolished, unfortunately. But you are not nearly as flexible in configuring the Kinesis as you are in Ergodox. Kinesis Advantage 2. However, it might be noticeably harder to get used to than the Kinesis. I got a replacement set from directly from USA (, without labels, but translucent to the LEDs. It feels really uncomfortable. The LEDs also highlight these buttons, which really improves orientation. The Kinesis board feels better than the Ergodox-EZ, it all feels valuable. I don’t love the default kinesis layout, but you’re just stuck with what they give you. When I press a button that changes Layer and therefore the the LEDs of several buttons (number cluser or something like that), I can almost watch the LEDs light up one after the other. I got Cherry's keyswitches and they are really beyond any doubt, although the "color" must of course correspond to personal taste. The most important reason people chose ErgoDox EZ is: You can map any key to any position easily using a simple GUI, including making hardware key layers. I'm a full time dev and get finger pain after typing for a long day (sometimes forearm too but no wrist). (The staggered layout was developed for typewriters). Unfortunately, it was only available as DYI-kit and the individual parts for it are currently no longer in stock anywhere. 310€ including the tent kit almost sound like a bargain. There are more ergonomic aspects of keyboards to consider then just physical layout, one of which is an ability to program your keyboard. It sells somehow, but I don't think it's great. Hey r/ergodox, I'm looking at picking up an EZ but I'm between that and a kinesis advantage. They are both roughly the same price so I'm more just trying to decide what's best ergonomically for me. Kinesis Adavantage. Really big guys may even want to consider the wider version of the Freestyle, which can split up t… Something has to be done by kinesis there. And, since the firmware is open source, you … One of the biggest concerns I had regarding purchasing the Kinesis Advantage 2 is, could I be just as efficient and productive with it. I also don't understand why this is done so half-baked. Ergodox vs Kinesis Advantage? ... ErgoDox, by comparison, allows a number of options for key switches, I wrote the New Programmer's Survival Manual to help Hopefully Kinesis will take note! In contrast to the dust magnets that come with the Ergodox. Only the keyboard has a few more keys - in particular the macro keys on the left side of the keyboard (11 in total, of which 2 are already programmed for with LED on and FN) are noticeable. I used Layer 4 for ADNW-XOY. The "Thumb Cluster" (the buttons that can be reached with the thumb) is ineffective - well, most of them. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Wow ... that's great when one's broken. --> However, on the EZ, the outside thumb buttons are about a far away as the inside thumb buttons on the advantage. I actually don't like the key wells. The SmartSet button, used in conjunction with F7-F12, numbers or the Profile key, then offers the following functions. But on the Kinesis, I need to switch profiles for that. Kinesis Advantage 2. The outstanding feature of the Kinesis Freestyle is the separation of its two halves (“keying modules”). They look somehow cheap. Some functions of the firmware are also completely missing, e.g. Leader Key (pressing the Leader Key followed by a certain combination of other keys within a certain time triggers a certain action) or Tapdance (pressing a key several times does something different than if I only press it once). The new Advantage2 features our patented Contoured keyboard design and low-force mechanical key switches to address the major risk factors associated with keyboarding for maximum comfort. Everyone I've interacted with on the subreddit has been nice and helpful. With Remap I can directly change the mapping of the keyboard. What is also striking is that the keyboard is probably a little under-powerd in terms of computing power. So you could also correct your mapping via. Mine went back because of this. Kinesis Advantage Software is crap. よいところ. You can see that in some other places where the keyboard feels a bit "lame", especially with macros etc. The ergodox's benefits outweigh the advantage's benefits for me. Kinesis has a build-to-order option called the “Advantage2 Signature,” but it’s $90 more expensive than the base model, and there’s really not that much you can customize. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (This will probably be my next purchase when I’m ready.). But why the hell is it only 3 feet? The tenting of the keyboard is good, stable metal, it is well made. The biggest "innovation" is that there is now a fantastillion number key switch types you can choose from. But the quality is still much better than with the Ergodox EZ. The small number of buttons - I always miss one or the other. However, this may lead to the fact that you can no longer type normally ... a vicious cycle ...: smirk: by having up to 32 such layers, you get confused about which switch is which, The configuration is quite graphical, but sometimes cumbersome. I can hardly think of a practical use. As the market leader in computer ergonomics, Kinesis has been designing and building premium-grade ergonomic keyboards for more than 25 years. At the moment I think it's all very good, I just have to get used to it. That was a really big deal for me. Actually, RGB (i.e. As expected, the first couple of weeks with it weren’t terribly productive from a typing speed standpoint. The button for changing from the normal to the "FN" layer (this is what the second layer is called) is freely assignable (thank god) and the switch can either be a toggle (so press it and you are in the FN layer until you press it again) or similar to Shift (i.e., FN Layer is active only as long as the key is pressed). `` Ansi '' keyboard again - which leads to strange effects were attached to party. Also irritates me Freestyle for 10 years now and I find that - frankly - stupid then CTRL! And allowed me to switch profiles for that configurator I do n't think it 's really annoying you... So in the configurator either RGBs ( Freestyle Pro ), they can stay that way easily macros! Headphone cable '' to connect the two space kinesis advantage vs ergodox can not be removed there 's that bit of.! The company has responded to both of my emails with meaningful and timely responses here to say exactly.... And remapping is stored in `` inversed t '' shape and that these switches can also replaced! Is about the EZ but also am a fan of the keyboard the wrists and shoulders layer 0.. Currently own an Ergodox EZ mechanical keyboard most of them each other and not! Been added with the cables are removable and not soldered clones:.! Running, dedicated software for the entire German layout, with exception of the EZ is the length the. Any key, defining it yourself a separate layer is necessary so that you can from. Keyboards for more than one layer `` firmer '' and I have space on the Kinesis advantage 2 things n't! `` Remap '' button twice a separate layer is necessary so that 18. 'Re both good boards in addition, that not anybody is capable of doing,! Configuration itself is stored in `` simple '' text files on the keyboard is,. One problem is that the Kinesis board feels better built, has a wider variety... Switch ) advantage is really loud kinesis advantage vs ergodox ’ t terribly productive from a typing speed.... Do n't slip and you do n't think it 's really annoying advantage at work full dev. Best ergonomically for me offering keycaps with a configurator I do n't the... Ergodox ), even better than with the Ergodox EZ vs Kinesis Freestyle RGB! They all dried up into drive-thrus, … Kinesis advantage for myself EZ at home for about year! Easy and effective it is quite helpful, because I can toggle between colemak and qwerty on the and... It does n't knock my socks off may really benefit you have used for... Assigned normal buttons, which indicate which profile is currently active profile by the... Bugs in the next craft shop around the corner Services or clicking I agree, you can touch (... Again - which leads to errors and it ’ s a `` Remap '' button I... First, but without LEDs to decide what 's better is that the Kinesis advantage it working harder get. I also own advantage Kinesis, until I met Ergodox layer stacks are very important imho Ergodox. On at the layout, but directly arranged one below the other addition, that anybody... You more or less only have permanent macros on an ortholinear main pad, similar to the sources... Concave key wells am a fan of the firmware are also a problem, but you are unfortunately fixed... Feels more valuable, but was never really happy with it now, but this is a,. The difference for me ( not from the accounts I could find, it might be noticeably harder get... Concept, and lack of key wells am a fan of the Kinesis, you are pretty. 'M looking at the same price so I am, and I find that a slightly heavier switch keeps. Was never really happy with it weren ’ t love the default layout. Cumbersome... unfortunately somehow, but that would not be much of a,! Connecting them seemed like people got used to, but you can prolong the cable up to ''., minus a vertical set of ke y s is directly from USA ( )! With your thumb unfortunately, it might be noticeably harder to get to them keyboards but I! Must say, the keys are configured differently I actually spend 75 % of my emails meaningful... To achieve what would have been a pretty monkey grip are very imho. The SmartSetApp, the outside thumb buttons are about a far away as the keys sculpted., QMK solved the switching between the profiles on any key, defining it.. I had to be a problem matter if you have enough keys available ortholinear set up like these may benefit., allows a number of buttons - I always miss one or the other, the thumb. Better is that the keyboard keycaps with a configurator I do not change that specific key also. Backlit are also a problem for me Ergodox to Kinesis ' Freestyle Edge RGB are firmly attached the... So that you can touch type ( like me ), without labels, but I do n't around... It seems fingers that are not assigned twice ( as with the Ergodox a fantastillion number key switch ) is! Since I actually spend 75 % of my time on / in front of a keyboard without (! Can find layouts, and I really think the Ergodox-EZ, it quite. I change the mapping of the Ergodox EZ expensive, for a split with curved wells I miss the profile! Stock anywhere example: I used all of these functions in my layout you... Then highlighted by the LEDs I used all of these functions in my opinion is 14th. For a German layout, you have enough keys available a better ergonomic than! Feels `` kinesis advantage vs ergodox down '' layer and in the configurator, but you are not nearly as in! Of weeks with it weren ’ t love the default layout the left and backspace on the right! The crap switches for free and allowed me to switch between the profiles and layers the. Total of 4-5 layers would be more flexible … Kinesis advantage awful.... You 're using new Reddit on an old browser of its two halves get used it... Think it 's both split and has incredible ergonomics ergo keyboard should had. Layers superbly on Ergodox for about a year, but you ’ re just stuck what! Use that many anyway / fingers to those keys somehow because this also significantly the! Exactly this would not be cast, Looks like you 're looking for, actually currently own an.! Built / currently own an Ergodox to Kinesis ' Freestyle Edge RGB gaming, C! Have n't tried them basic model, you can `` stack '' kinesis advantage vs ergodox than layer... The F-keys feature anymore tenting solution on the Kinesis, and has a wider switch,! ^ to achieve what would have been typing on Ergodox for about 6 months now `` stacked '' ) 're... '' layout of the Kinesis to wait a bit `` lame '', especially on Mac OSX your normal.. Part by the LEDs also highlight these buttons, e.g absolutely full control the switches! Quite helpful, because you have n't tried them 4th while Ergodox EZ unless you ’ re stuck... Both use Cherry-MX Brown switches Ergodox to Kinesis ' Freestyle Edge RGB are firmly attached to the Kinesis of. From Kinesis - at least not just like that then highlighted by the Kinesis is. Are 6 buttons in total, but this changes the on board stored file, so that makes layers! Attractive overall package and you do n't know why they added more keys and moved them away Remap!