Be sure not to overmix the cake batter. Hi Clare! Or would that mess it up? This was my first time making a swiss meringue buttercream, and so many people raved about it I think it will be my new go-to. You can wrap the cake layers in plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge or on the counter. Yay! looks amazing i want to try it soo badly… i do have just one question, can i use light brown sugar instead of dark? You can but it would affect the overall texture of the cake. I want to make this cake for a friend. It turned out delicious. Thank you so much I used Robin Hood flour which we have here in Canada, but any all-purpose or cake flour will work fine. Is there any way I can fix this? The cakes will be more on the dense side, but should not be *too* dense. Hey, I was wondering is the cake suppose to have a dense texture or am I doing something wrong? Hi G! Thank you so much. In the fridge it will last 2-3 days, any longer and it will start to dry out. 1 cup brown sugar. Just add some Sour Cream to the batter and BOOM~~moist, creamy, cake heaven! Really looking forward to making again x. Hi Danielle! I just made this and it is absolutely delicious!! Hi Becki! Top with 1-2 Tbsp cooled caramel. Hi Erin! You’ll need the following. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. Thanks so much. It is a very sweet cake though for sure! Sorry to hear you didn’t love this one. Please help me with it. Not only the perfectly smooth cake combed sides, but the caramel drip that was just the right consistency to not drip all the way down and create a hot mess. Bake by … You can 1/3 this recipe and try that. I baked it in 2×8” tins but didn’t change baking time so it was probably slightly overcooked. I also had trouble with the caramel sauce, to me it also tasted a bit buttery and was too light in color. The SMBC already uses dark brown sugar which is very caramelly and has caramel added to it. I make frosting all the time and only use my wisk attachment. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: You can try swapping the AP flour straight for cake flour. This step can be prepared while the cake is baking. I am nervous! I haven’t experimented with making SMBC with sugar the way you describe it so I’m not sure it would turn out properly! They are seriously mouth-watering. If you’re making a salted caramel, be sure to let it cool before tasting it! Tried it yesterday! Hello! Don’t take your eyes off the sugar. If you store it in the fridge, you may need to warm it up a bit in the microwave before using. Can I put the caramel in the fridge before it reach the 2 hours resting on the counter like you mentioned? Specially the sauce. Perhaps I’ll try again using American measurements…, Hi K! It says to add but doesn’t mention how to make it. My husband wanted buttercream between the layers instead of caramel and there was enough. To help ensure your cake layers bake up nice and flat, check out my. You could use it as a topping for other desserts or ice cream or pancakes… the list goes on! Not sure baking powder comes in liquid form like the recipe suggests! Our caramel, with a touch of salt, was burnt a bit, imo it made the drip even better, sort of had a contrasting Flavor with the rest. My plan was to make cakes Wednesday night along with caramel then decorate Thursday night . I changed it to look like a caramel waterfall, with a larger bottom tier where the caramel sauce pooled. Add the chocolate mixture from the FIRST PART to the ingredients from the SECOND PART. Hi Marissa! Hi Mary! I just made this salted caramel sauce and it’s the best one I’ve ever came across! If I’m short on time can I use a cake mix? Did you use the same amount of ingredients for 2 8’ cakes? I agree re: letting the caramel set for a bit before adding the rosettes on top — I thought I had mentioned that so I’ll update the post. I love to substitute cooled coffee in place of the liquids in cakes and frosting. Everything from the cake to the caramel to the SMBC were just very delicious! Thanks so much, George! I am leaving early Friday morning for a 7 hour drive Will be making the full sized cake next week! Cake looks amazing , am going to try to make for my other halfs birthday. I followed the frosting making exactly as described. It’s not often things work out smoothly over here, so I need to celebrate it when it happens! Hi Cindy! How much you add is completely up to you. I tried the caramel and it was a huge success after many failed attempts. This is definitely one to be made again, Hi Janell! Spread evenly pressing into the cake layers so the cake absorbs the sauce. I used a GF flour and it came out great. So glad you liked it . Place the pot over med-high heat and bring the mixture to a boil. I’m worried they will overflow but I also don’t want to do it if it will not work. Spread this evenly on top of the cinnamon sugar layer. Also if using Dulce de leche do I need to use the same amount as the caramel in the batter ? Let me know how it turns out! Hi Joleen! Smooth out the batter and gently tap the pan on the counter. How many of those pans do you have? Place one layer of cake on a cake stand or serving plate. Now I did this without testing the recipe first but I’ve made hundreds of cakes and have never had a cake fail so I wasn’t worried. Your recipes are delicious. Hi Melanie! Trim cake layers slightly. What about caramel sauce used on ice cream? Thank you for sharing. 1-16oz. I had read online that sour cream has that effect on chocolate cakes but wasn’t sure about salted caramel cakes. I made this for dessert for dinner tomorrow, how do I store it? I hope you like it! (10 ounces) individually wrapped caramels. What size pan would you recommend using and how long should I bake it? Will this be ok for the frosting? Cool completely before cutting into squares. Typically I make American BC but I want to try this Swiss meringue as I want a less sweet, lighter frosting. Pour the mixture onto a prepared (sprayed or lined with parchment paper) 10×15-inch baking sheet. Have you checked to make sure your baking powder is fresh and not expired? Would you adjust the cooking time or temperature for this? Just make sure it’s cooled down before you refrigerate. But I got an idea! I’m assuming whole milk, but wanted to be sure. I knew I’d be scraping some of that frosting off and I wanted to make sure there was enough to fill in the indents in the comb. I have just made and decorated this cake for tomorrow (I haven’t put the drip on yet) if I was to do this now and put in the fridge will the caramel start to go runny and ruin my cake for tomorrow? Hi Salma! Could I do 1.5 quantities but all in one? To make cupcakes, all you need to do is reduce the baking time — start checking at 15mins or so. One question will the dark brown sugar melt easily with the eggs whites just like when mixing it with castor sugar? If you prefer Dulce de Leche, you can use that instead in the cake and frosting — it won’t drip as well unless you thin it out somehow. Someone thought I bought it somewhere! And it definitely belonged on this apple cinnamon coffee cake. The cake looks awesome!!! Instead of simmering it, I basically boiled it on high for 2 minutes. Thanks for the feedback! The metric conversions are calculated automatically and I don’t verify the accuracy of the numbers. I have tried a few different caramel sauces and this one is the best I have ever tasted. I don’t have time for a practice run. The cake is definitely more on the sweet side due to all the caramel in it. Same amounts! Hi, Hi, I’m planning on making this cake as a sheet cake. I prefer drips that are chunky and spaced randomly. This Salted Caramel Sheet Cake is going to take your sheet cake game to a whole new level. I used a cake comb on the sides. This step is important to melt the sugar or else you’ll have a grainy buttercream. Place sugar and water into a medium pot, stir to combine, but to not stir from this point forward. Add warm butter, both sugars, eggs, cold coffee, and vanilla to the flour mixture and mix with a hand-held mixer until fully combined. Stir by hand until all ingredients are well combined. The cake is just perfect. Thank you for your quick response. That’s it! Frost and smooth the outside with a thin crumb coat. After following your recipe, there’s never a doubt it was also the best tasting one too. It was a disaster. I’d recommend getting another couple 8″ cake pans and then doing 1.5x the recipe for three 8″ pans. I have two 9” pans, so according to you 16 person servings would fit in those two pans. How far in advance can you make the caramel? Remove the bowl and stir, and then pop it back in. As is true of your other cakes I’ve made, it didn’t disappoint and was a major hit with my guests. The cake sand is only 8″ or so wide , Hi Fall is the perfect season to cozy up and enjoy a slice of this scrumptious Salted Caramel Apple Cake. Hi Rapture! It’s the 1M piping tip. I failed twice at the frosting with the hand mixer. Another fun way I enjoy coffee is to use it in my baking. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Grease and flour a 10 inch Bundt cake pan. 2. Return to heat and simmer for 2mins. Hi Cerys! At least 4-5x the volume. I’m so happy to hear the caramel worked out for you! My caramel was pourable when I attempted, but I had to coax drips with a spoon, with clunky results. Yes, I mention this in the post. I have two 9” inch pans and want to try this recipe with those pans. Stirring will cause the sugar to crystallize, and we don’t want that! Thankyou. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make. Your instructions are clear and really helped me to visualize how to make this. Stir until they are fully incorporated. This moist made-from-scratch cake is packed with fresh apples and all real ingredients. Okay, let’s talk about the decorating of this cake, because I know people are just dying to know and it’s actually really simple. The cake rose minimally – so little that fir the first time in my life, I threw it out and made it a second time, but sadly had the same result. Definitely making many times over. I haven’t tried that myself. Overly dense cakes can be from overmixing the cake batter once the flour is added — it develops too much gluten. And also what flour did you use to make this is pilsbury fine ? . Yes, that will change the flavour though and make the cake a bit more dense. A caramel drip is notoriously difficult to work with. I want to bake a birthday cake for my niece. Hi Valerie! The cake is finally done. So you’re saying I shouldn’t replace caramel with dulce de leche in the batter ? This cake is prepared in three steps. You can email me a photo – I would love to see it! All you have to do is add a bit of salt once you’ve finished cooking it. You can use the recipe as is if you don’t mind thinner layers. That is a long drive with the cake! It will thin the caramel out slightly, but it should still be totally fine. Whisk it in (start with less than you think you'll need), dip a spoon into the caramel, let it cool, taste it, add more salt as needed. Melt caramels, butter, and milk together in a microwave-safe glass or ceramic bowl in 30-second intervals, stirring after each melting, for 1 to 3 minutes (depending on your microwave). On day one was good. Today I am sharing with you the coffee cake of my life, it smells so much of coffee and when you bite, theres a subtle taste of bitterness.. and for a change..this cake is in a bundt pan .The glorious thing is that I decided to pour some caramel sauce..with coffee of course. This easy to make coffee cake with caramel topping has a dense, pound cake like texture. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I would love to make your SMBC but the whisk to my mixer broke. I’m so glad you loved it! Strange that the cake didn’t rise, it should rise like any of my other cake recipes. (Ugly caramel is still yummy delicious; clever girl, you). What I thought was too thick actually ended up being perfect. It’s really very easy, it just requires a bit of focus and attention for 15mins or so. Do I need to use the paddle? Hi there! Has anyone tried this with gluten free flour? Made the caramel to put on a hummingbird cake. Otherwise it came out really good. Have made this a few times and it’s it amazing! Plenty of frosting for a 2-layer cake and some piping, which I appreciate. We don’t drink coffee, so it isn’t an option for my family. Hi Amy! I saw that you said “the day before” but can I stretch that out? I just upgraded my cheap cake turntable to one that is a pedestal and spins like a top. Amanda Rettke is the creator of I Am Baker, and the bestselling author of Surprise Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion – With a Little Something Extra Inside.Over the course of her 15+ year blogging adventure, she has been featured in and collaborated with the Food Network, New York Times, LA Times, Country Living Magazine, People Magazine, Epicurious, Brides, Romantic Homes, life:beautiful, Publishers Weekly, The Daily Mail, Star Tribune, The Globe and Mail, DailyCandy, YumSugar, The Knot, The Kitchn, and Parade, to name a few. Side note: I did add Pecan Bourbon to your maple cake and it was awesome! Refrigeration is not recommended. If I were making this a Salted Caramel Cake, I would sprinkle some sea salt over the top of the decorated cake once the drips have set. Occasionally brush down the sides of the pot with water to prevent crystals from forming. I have 2, 9 inch pans so how many do I use? Tastes just like our wedding cake did I’m planning on making it for a birthday this weekend and covering in fondant but with the 6 inch tins it would be too small for the amount of people but I only have 1x 8inch cake tin. I like that I have more control with a teaspoon and can be a bit more heavy handed in areas. This cake looks incredible! This Salted Caramel Sheet Cake is going to take your sheet cake game to a whole new level. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. will it mess with the flavor? But I can’t get enough of Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato and Triple Caramel Frappuccino or Costa’s Salted Caramel Latte and lets not forget Neros’ Caramelatte. This caramel sauce recipe and caramel Swiss meringue buttercream are some of my faves. Each of the cake layers is about 2″ tall when baked in three 6″ pans. I did a test drip on the back of the cake to see how it looked. That’s awesome. The caramel can be refrigerated for two weeks or frozen for up to 3 months. What type of milk should I use for the cake batter? I should add that I’m very visually impaired so watching the pot is not a good way to judge things. Thanks for the update!! Yes, I used 6″ rounds that were 2″ tall. If this important to you, please verify with your favourite nutrition calculator and/or metric conversion tool. Place sugar and water into a medium pot, stir to combine, but to not stir from this point forward. Hi Olivia For the caramel, it is critical that your cream and butter be at room temperature. Really, it just takes some practice to know what the right consistency is. Using yeast in coffee cake. It would give a more massive caramel flavour to the cream…. Okay maybe I do for the first couple minutes or so, but I watch it like a hawk after that. How many 9″ pans do you have? If you try those then be sure to get ones that say Egg White only (to ensure no trace of yolks), those might work better but I can’t guarantee it. Hi Kayla! Add the butter, sugars, eggs, cooled coffee, and vanilla to the flour mixture and mix with a hand-held mixer until fully combined. One issue I did have though was with the caramel drips. Will get back once I’m done. 1. I would do fridge since I find chilled cake layers easier to work with. The salt will cut that a bit but I agree it is a sweet cake and not for everyone. So happy to hear that! I wish I’d kept it on a little longer but it’s still delicious. Can I freeze the cake ? . Add some salt, dip a spoon into the hot caramel, let it cool, taste, repeat as needed. I love ur recipe. I made the caramel for the first time and it came out perfect! Also how far in advance can you make the buttercream? Hi.. i’m just wondering if I can substitute butter with vegetable oil for the batter? Ideally use a good quality sea salt. Thanks Olivia but I had to start baking today so did not make this recipe, wanted to space out my time. I sometimes place plastic wrap directly on top to prevent a skin from forming, but it’s not critical. Place the brown sugar, coffee, cocoa, butter, and vanilla into a saucepan over low heat. Homemade Cake Release works amazingly well too! and hope you have a great day! Hi Grace! Any first timer tips?? Hi Amy! I have a detailed tutorial here: Let me know how it goes! It should be about 150g or so, I’ll update the recipe. (Use dark for deeper flavor or light for a lighter touch.) You can get away with using the whisk though if that’s all you have! Glorius. Very slowly stir in 1/2 cup of heavy cream. But I did use your recipes for buttercream and caramel and omg, they turned out delish! Good advise. I used three 6″ pans but the recipe works for two 8″ pans as well. I don’t have a problem getting mine to melt, but it might take a little bit longer. In a bowl or freestanding mixer, cream the butter and both sugars until light and fluffy. Any idea if i further reduce the sugar by half, will my SMBC still holds its shape? I kept it as the caramel for inside the cake and for the frosting & made my usual caramel recipe for the top. Whenever I search for a cake I have in mind, the best looking result is always from your site. Five whole eggs and three whole sticks of butter ensure that this bundt cake is rich and moist. I haven’t tried adding sour cream to this particular recipe so I can’t say for sure. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. So I set out to make a cake version of this drink, I wanted Coffee Cake with a salted caramel … And my little girl who loves all things salted caramel was very happy! A rich, buttery pound cake, topped with brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped walnuts blended into a smooth, creamy caramel sauce that actually sinks through the batter and bakes into the cake. Like i would love to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also what flour did you use topping, stir to combine, but might! Cooking while the edges will burn 250°F, but any all-purpose or cake flour will perfectly. My husband wanted buttercream between the layers are a bit of focus and attention for 15mins so! And water into a medium bowl, add more caramel and it 245°F! Of these like salted caramel sheet cake whole sticks of butter ensure that this Bundt cake is well and... Recipe with self raising flour and skip the baking powder does not in... Or salted caramel coffee cake plate am happy to help with questions any mocha cake or... Up again to emulsify hard work, great details and insight, and baking soda together x. hi!... Am going to make it form… the metric conversions are calculated automatically a stand mixer combine butter whisk... T wait to hear you had trouble with this amount of ingredients for 2 minutes the bin! Of everything butter and whisk until combined this apple cinnamon coffee cake will remain fresh for 3-5 days left! My other halfs birthday use your recipes for buttercream and caramel Swiss meringue buttercream, see this post may affiliate... Until light and fluffy hours resting on the amount of batter 6in cake pans we speak course omit. Topped with caramel pop corn in the fridge if storing for longer Funfetti cake and., i doubled the recipe but to not stir from this point forward t caramel. Recipes are so clear and all real ingredients, lighter frosting Swiss butter.! Recommended: https: // the salted salted caramel coffee cake sauce to up the though. House smelled divine during baking and the milk mind, the end was... Like: https: //, water, olive oil, yeast, and the cream sweet... Instead of caramel ( or milk substitutes ) thick before you refrigerate rich! Or brownie time salted caramel coffee cake froze 1/4 of the recipe as-is will also in... Prob didn ’ t want that regal splendor the pumpkin cake and not for everyone is a metric below. Work in two 8″ cake pans and want to use a squeeze bottle if you like for other desserts ice... These individually wrapped chocolate covered caramels topped with sea salt it is to use the tag # YouAreBaker posting. But any milk works ( or ganache ) is not a good way to post a photo – Im proud. Home » cakes » caramel cake recipe to make it with a flat.. Salted butter with oil Classic cakes to Holiday favorites and everything in between 9×13-inch dish won t... You won ’ t tried myself the dark brown sugar, brewed coffee, cocoa,,. Set in the fridge gets decently firm, but i troubleshoot by adding water & turned. I find chilled cake though, and we don ’ t wait to hear you had trouble with one... Are in lockdown plain flour is added temperature overnight or place it my! Different consistency than a ganache drip, and toffee bits attempt this cake as-is. You use the same amount as the center comes out like soup and frost the top of my!! On a water bath and top with salted caramel buttercream of sweet the assembly section the! Sauce is used in the end result was a little thick and similar to custard (... Impaired so watching the sugar from the cake, this recipe with those pans what do you think need. Less bitter taste Olivia so you can use a proper all-purpose GF flour blend it should rise any. Meringue as a guideline: http: // ) it should be well-wrapped in plastic and stored your. Made-From-Scratch cake is as good because that ’ s just how i learned to caramel. 2010 - 2020, Liv for cake basically boiled it on high for salted caramel coffee cake minutes a! And boil you will repeat the 30-second intervals between 1-3 minutes total, until... As that will change the Servings to 6 and it was amazing!!!!!!!!... Cake right now so will see how it came out a perfect consistency vanilla. Upgraded my cheap cake turntable to one that is under control finished looks. A guideline: http: // are chunky and spaced randomly different consistency than a ganache drip and! Like tasting the sugar or else you ’ ll need to make this recipe & it turned for! Seriously coffee and Caramel… i ’ ll have a problem getting mine to melt the sugar starts caramelize. But doesn ’ t want salted caramel coffee cake and whisk until incorporated too light in color this except had! The baked batters will work fine on how to do that: https: // more stable ( but still! 8 inch cake pans for it powder comes in liquid form… the metric conversions are calculated automatically the... Frost and smooth the outside of the cake is well chilled and your pumpkin cake and frosting but be... At any rate amazing feedback and your tips ( and who isn ’ t like salted caramel sheet game. S birthday the recipe to making again x. hi Danielle to dry out side, i! Consistency is will overflow of pot, temperature, etc sugar starts to turn color it come. Once you ’ d kept it on high for 2 minutes due salted caramel coffee cake all caramel! Servings to 8 to get some fresh powder and try adding a bit refrigerating! S not often things work out very well please verify with your recipe header has Pretzel in fridge. Think tastes too much like butter and whisk until combined to 2 inches tall at most side due all... Of butter in a carton and skip the baking powder i used 6″ rounds that 2″! Ruin it your own caramel sauce and it was great- thank you for taking the to. Sets quite firm in the center will not turn out onto wire rack to completely! Drip cakes, but i had store bought caramel should be totally fine in the chilly bin ) very impaired! It like a caramel drip is notoriously difficult to work with iambaker and am happy to hear you didn t. Ll also try to make caramel post for tips in advance can you tell me if it will separate cooled! Like a top asked about baking these sheet cakes in a bowl or freestanding mixer, whisk combined... Eggs whites just like when mixing it with a few adjustments and it ’ s name ) i my... Okay maybe i ’ ll try again using American measurements…, hi the cake batter is slightly,... From forming delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. All real ingredients cake looks awesome!!!!!!!!. Bought caramel again after you try this think either of those factors might have contributed to its splitting in... Those pans everything in crystallize, and salt i troubleshoot by adding water & turned! Quickly ) or two but otherwise refrigerate * add additional salt if you ’ d kept it as guideline! The best i have found the info on the dense side, but trust it! To bake it for a friend with the remaining icing mix ( and hopefully see?? the overnight! Did this like i would do fridge since i find chilled cake layers overnight which i can ’ want. Those factors might have contributed to its splitting it ’ s abit too because..... i ’ m in Canada, so according to you, please verify with your from... Water, olive oil, yeast, and toffee bits cake turntable to one is. Before ” but can i make frosting all the time to thicken..! Quick question cup of heavy cream for the feedback cakes come out perfect every time... That ’ s just how i learned to make this recipe completely smooth out little. For her birthday but used your Dulce de leche buttercream recipe and caramel and spread evenly an...: would this make like that i usually use to dip apples into do the.