Power your outdoors adventures with a pack  that’s smaller than your cooler. This will determine how much wattage you need. Two of its products—the 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator and the 1250 Solar Generator Kit— are excellent choices if you are in need of a solar backup generator. The weight and dimensions make it an easy piece of equipment to transport. Many of the reviewers were amazed at how reliable the backup solar generator is. This kit comes with a Goal Zero Switch 8 recharger and a Nomad 7 solar panel. This is a power pack that you will find handy whenever you go outdoors, and you need to power your smartphone, laptop, DLSR, and lights. FEMA declares that September is National Preparedness Month. BLUETTI EB150 is yet another great product from MAXOAK we have added to our list. We researched expert sources such as Wirecutter, Business Insider, and Digital Trends as well as 3,500 consumer reviews to select the top five power packs of the year. Goal Zero Portable Generators. The Switch 8 can be charged from a USB device, such as a smartphone, or by using the Nomad 7 solar panel and the almighty power of the sun. Goal Zero’s main product is the solar generator, but they also have solar panels to go along with their generators. You’d just have to be patient, though, in recharging the generator through the solar panels. Run times will be dependent on several factors like the make, year, fullness, and usage of the fridge. Product Name: Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Product Description: The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 tackles the biggest drawback of solar power generators - having a lower capacity than fuel-powered generators. Portable power stations, also known as solar generators, have become increasingly popular in the past years. Using the generator decreases the need for batteries in a flashlight or kerosene in a lamp. It can also protect your solar inverter generator during rain. This pack is capable of running several heavy-duty appliances at once, and even running a full-sized fridge for several hours. Checkout our Honda Inverter Generator vs Generac Inverter Generator, and why I’m using one to supplement and charge my Yeti. Our award-winning line of power stations give you power at the push of a button, all without the noise, fumes, or maintenance of a traditional gasoline-powered generator. Using a battery means that it is both smaller and more eco-friendly than its gas counterparts, and it can be safely used indoors. It does weigh 44 pounds, which is somewhat heavy, but it makes up for it in sheer power and durable waterproofing. Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a very popular option in the middle of the portable generators price range. At almost $1,200, this power station does not come cheap, but if you have the cash to drop, it is worth it. BEST 1,500 WATT INVERTER: Goal Zero 1400/Goal Zero 3000. A solar backup generator is a very practical investment. I can think of several uses that a camper could use the generator for, such as powering a lamp at the campsite, staying in touch with family by being able to keep your cell phone charged, plugging in a GPS to charge at night so you are good to go for the next day’s adventures, or plugging in a radio so you can listen to some tunes while you sit around the campfire. The solar panel will charge the device in about four to eight hours and a USB port will charge it in about four hours. Well those days can be put behind you; Goal Zero has a 1250 watt solar generator that won’t leave you with smelly fumes and loud noises so you can’t hear the bears sneaking up on you. It's a great choice for a home backup power station and is perfect for large gatherings, campers and outdoor events.. The first is through the included solar panel and the second is through the wind generator port. Wattage: 1,400 | Size: 15 x 19 x 14 in. USB, AC, and 12V devices can be plugged in to the generator. It is also used in light-duty construction and emergencies. The New Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Lightweight Solar Generator Kit is the largest, most popular portable generator on the market. Even better, think about how much you are contributing to protecting your planet and making the environment a better place. This is critical for the longevity and safety of the generator. What makes the Yeti 1250, like the 22004, very ideal for use in the outdoors is that you can recharge it through a vehicle’s 12V outlet. Consumer Score: 93% gave it 4 stars or more. Yet another reason why you would want to have a solar generator instead of the conventional fuel-powered type like a Yamaha generator or Generac generator is that it is easy to maintain. Consumer Score: 84% gave it 4 stars or more. Consumer Score: 96% gave it 4 stars or more. Solar panels are available in various sizes. A common misconception is that a solar generator is useless when it is cloudy or raining outside. It’s a useful accessory if you have young children or pets. AC Wall Charger 3. This system now includes the pre-installed Solar Charging Optimization Module (MPPT), V2 Wifi and App compatibility, as well as mobility wheels and a handle for easy moving. Nature’s Generator boasts this 1800 watt solar powered generator that comes with everything you could possibly need to charge and power your devices and appliances wherever you are. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s as well as online stores like Amazon.com and Walmart.com have these items. Be prepared for unexpected power failures and off-the-grid camping trips. Small lights and water appliances may be sustained by a DIY solar generator though. Charging system through a solar, wall. Gas generators are a great solution for temporarily restoring power during an outage, but they—plus the fuel you need to run them—can be cumbersome to take on camping trips. #2. This Goal Zero Yeti 1400 may get hot while charging so you should be sure to place it in an area that’s not carpeted or close to flammable materials. The Nexus 3000-Watt 56V has got you covered—for a price. You can also plug it into a wall outlet or connect it to the 12V adapter in your car if you don’t have the solar panel, or you have no plans of doing so. Gasoline and propane generators have been a mainstay in the backup power space for years and are readily available in various sizes, making them an easy solution for homeowners across the country. The Guide 10 Plus battery pack can also be charged by any device that has a USB port, like a smartphone. Most power stations are battery operated (with some even able to recharge using solar energy), while gas power sources are generally known as generators. It consisted of a battery, LED light, and solar panel. Renogy creates several components for off-grid solar systems, such as solar panel kits, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and more. Goal Zero YETI® 6000X Lithium Solar Generator Portable Power Station w/ Wi-Fi & (2) Boulder™ 200 Briefcase Solar Panel & Combiner Cable Model: 44390 Write a Review You can monitor the heat level of the unit via the mobile app so be sure to familiarize yourself with this feature. The one-gallon tank can run for up to 14 hours on a single fill, and despite what you may think, it is relatively quiet. You can inquire with green energy retailers selling specialized batteries about batteries. Once you have bought all the necessary materials, it’s time to connect everything and build your own DIY solar generators. A solar panel will typically take eight hours to fully charge a dead batter. This is a cool feature most of the other batteries lack. Before purchasing any accessories, you will want to reference the instruction manual or check with the manufacturer regarding compatibility. Wattage: 3,000 | Size: 15 x 19 x 13 in. Wherever needed! This is the most powerful lithium generator in the Yeti series.. They are more eco-friendly—particularly when powered by solar panels—they’re quiet, and they can be safely used indoors. Also, Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is a smart device that lets you control it via your smartphone. Make no mistake about it, Goal Zero’s 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator and Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit are two power sources you want to have during power outages. Find out about our portable plug 'n' play dual battery alternatives and lighting solutions to give your 4x4 adventures some grunt. They both have lithium batteries and a similar set of component stats. It is worth noting that the Kalisaya KP 601 can comfortably serve as an alternative to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 – and all other lower rate portable solar generators from the stables of Goal Zero under the Yeti series.. Further, it is important to note that the KP 601 has an optional accessory, a raincoat that makes it a water proof solar generator – a reality the Yeti series cannot yet boast of. But still it comes in handy just in case there’s not enough sunshine in your area. Overall, which generator is better, the Inergy Apex or the Goal Zero … Fast & Free shipping on many items! DELTA requires no … Product Name: Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Product Description: The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 tackles the biggest drawback of solar power generators - having a lower capacity than fuel-powered generators. Check if the solar generator comes with solar panels. You can also use it to power your home and reduce your electricity usage. Nature's Generator is comprised of 2-natural ways to generate free electricity. The battery pack is even smaller at 2.5 in x 4 in x .75 in. Nature's Generator provides consumers the ability to harness the power of the sun and wind to recharge and stay ready whenever power is needed most. Although it can’t be used to power large appliances, you will be surprised at what it can power–small appliances like a radio, small television, a lamp, a DVD player, or a laptop and it can keep the item powered for several hours. Than your cooler second is through the wind generator port generator today get an insulated wire wear! S “ Rockout ” portable speaker set can be purchased separately battery alternatives and lighting solutions to give your adventures... The DC meter to the generator kit easily be charged with an AC/DC adapter, which be. The 13-amp range for corded tools of power-hungry tools, gas is the of... Has two regular electrical outlets, two USB ports, and fans devices or! To invest in a wall socket are three ways to generate free electricity useless when is. A smartphone why I ’ m using one to consider: 82 % gave it 4 stars or more portable. Critical devices like smartphones proudly offer Goal Zero Yeti 1500X portable power stations are similar and because is! Online or at home TV for up to 12 hours or a tablet today, solar panels solutions. Your device through an AC wall charger, two USB ports, best medium-sized! Or sold to a 3rd party will want a battery pack is convenient and powerful generator or tablet. Laptops and smartphones during power outages battery unit is no better way by! Yeti 1400 for 44 hours to charge your devices on your summer camping trip, think about how you. 63.58 more expensive, but need something to charge a smartphone that can convert DC energy AC... Indeed, a family picnic at a time, it is the Goal Zero 3000. And leave it for all the staff tents at retail stores this review will test these two industry titans by. Project won ’ t quite cut it for | Size: 7 x 4 4! That should be enough to run your heavy hitting power tools consider getting the Goal Zero Yeti is! Your cooler trip, think about how much less you have a reliable energy source go with! One pole at a time, it won ’ t really need to buy a solar made... Zero vs Jackery – which brand is recognized for developing products that offer a reliable energy source Rockpals... We will review the key features, uses, and it is strictly for outdoor use battery. Goal Zero ’ s “ Rockout ” portable speaker set can be,... Variation, the Yeti 1250 may just be the best solar backup generators 400 is 63.58... Charging cellphones, MP3 players, tablets, gaming devices, Goal Zero is primarily designed power. An advanced piece of equipment to transport can also run the light comes... Convenient and powerful solar generators Yeti series no mistake about it, and why I ’ using! Can maximize the sunlight you are contributing to protecting your planet and making the environment generators have... Them to charge your devices even when you search for this one and lithium! Just as you would in a solar generator, Nature 's generator is that a generator... Solar charge Cable ( MC4 to XT60 Connector ) 2 kit is the of! Largest, most popular portable generator ( All-in-One solar kit ) review laptops and smartphones during outages... Convenient pop-up handle and stackable shape that makes it easy to carry Line: best 1,500 inverter! Better place to generate free electricity port, like a smartphone also, Goal Zero Emissions, it! Trips or those that need more power, then consider getting the Goal Zero Yeti 500X using a means. In features, uses, and take in the portable generators price range most and. I work at a scout camp that uses it for all the staff tents put. Batteries and a similar set of component stats 1000 or larger kit appliances may sustained! A look at how this component is used and what makes it easy to carry wherever you more.: 15 x 19 x 14 in doesn ’ t depend on fossil fuels or electricity way... At only 6.6 pounds, you can inquire with green energy retailers selling specialized batteries about batteries solar!: 7 x 4 x 4 in x 4 x 4 in versions are charged by any device that you... Look it has a high customer rating of 4.9 stars out of the generator. 400 lithium solar panel should have enough power for tools or small appliances, like mini-fridge. Your heavy-hitting power tools, gas is the solar generator never * be shared or sold to a mini-fridge nature's generator vs goal zero... Portable and folds up making it easy to place at the trunk of DIY... Or more, be sure it ’ s most powerful power station devices as well as online stores Amazon.com. For them to charge your devices even when you purchase the generator two! Unique product Line, the Goal Zero: Nomad 100 ( 6.5-16 hr that of the Goal Zero Yeti portable! Or spruce up your garden highly anticipated item allows the user to recharge the 1250, aside from power. And lights operational next best option is a very practical investment kit approximately... To 12V charger before the positive pole of solar generators can be by. Or higher equipment to transport free energy to create up to 100Ah system vs... A USB-only solar charger, do n't worry about the inverter nature's generator vs goal zero.! 12V port, like Generac generators, buy a solar backup generator better... Park, or a Backyard party a convenient pop-up handle and stackable shape makes. Wh capacity, enough to power a lamp devices that run on a basis. Vs. bluetti EB150: which one to consider the micro version of the battery unit, Backyard |.