Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums. A single web page may require several iterations of the Request-Response Cycle. Which is the best/proper way to declare a section that has an h2 heading and three progress elements? Transform your resume with a degree from a top university for a breakthrough price. Which attribute can be used to change its number within an ordered list? This course is the first of a two-course sequence: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, and Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. Applications and Examples of AI . The quiz and programming homework is belong to coursera and edx and solutions to me. The above questions are from “Introduction to HTML5 ” You can discover all the refreshed questions and answers related to this on the “Introduction to HTML5 By Coursera ” page. Benefit from a deeply engaging learning experience with real-world projects and live, expert instruction. Semantic code describes the ___ of content on a page, regardless of the style or appearance of that content. This is the first course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization. To learn more about web design, visit Intro to Web Design