And finally, snow closes the road to the North Rim for half of the year, so there is just a short window of time that you can get to the North Rim by car. Ooh Aah Point:  6660 feet, 1 mile This was great weather for hiking. We did have to be fast since limited daylight was a big factor. Imagine doing that almost 9 times. I know you mentioned having someone be able to drop you off, so I’m assuming they picked you up as well, but thought you might have information about this. It was an incredible experience. The South Kaibab Trail is red and the Bright Angel Trail is blue. The South Kaibab Trail is one of the most incredible hiking experiences of my lifetime. Length of Time: 5 to 8 hours. Loved your post about South Kaibab and Bright Angel hike in one day. (pictured: prAna Stretch Zion Pants) We got our first nice view of the Colorado River when we reached Panorama Point, which around the 5 mile mark just past the “tip-off” area on the South Kaibab Trail. This was a tough hike but very doable. The adventure described here covers the iconic south rim to river trails, South Kaibab and Bright Angel, but there are many more options for exploring this outdoor wonderland. Approximately 0.5 miles from The Tipoff is the amazing Big Pan overlook that is also known as Panorama Point. Here are their elevations and distances from the South Kaibab Trailhead. The trail proceeds to Cedar Ridge, where you can find vault toilets, before passing below the east wall of O'Neill Butte and descending to Skeleton Point at 5,220 feet and 3 miles from the trailhead. South Kaibab Trail shows you the sights of Grand Canyon National Park that you longed to see when you planned your trip here. You have to descend a series of switchbacks again, but the sweeping views across the Grand Canyon are some of the best of the day. Stretching out in front of you is the South Kaibab Trail, the Tonto Plateau, and the colorful layers of sedimentary rock that makes the Grand Canyon so beautiful. My family and I hiked this trail during the last week of December. We started 6,30 on S. Kaibab and arrived at Phantom Ranch at 10,30. This gives you a full day of sunlight (which is quite brief during the winter months) to complete the hike. Find out what we carry in our day packs and what we wear on the trails. As much as I was not looking forward to the massive climb, by the time we got to the Colorado River, I was thrilled to not be walking downhill anymore. Without the shuttle service, it is tricky getting to the trailhead. Your water demands will be very high and you run the risk of getting heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. From the River Resthouse to Indian Garden, it is a 3.2-mile walk. With less elevation gain and a slightly longer trail, the hike up Bright Angel is easier than South Kaibab. Location: 36.09984, -112.09397. Shortly after departing the Bright Angel Campground the trail crosses to the south side of the Colorado River via the Silver Bridge. The corridor trails are heavily used and actively maintained. Sunrise was 7:30 am and sunset was at 5:15 pm. Lots of stairs so a walking stick would be helpful. The South Kaibab Trail reaches the Colorado River right at the entrance of the Black Bridge (aka Kaibab Bridge). Winter can be a great time to do this hike but snow can make the trails slippery and potentially create a dangerous situation. This is the point where the National Park Service recommends that you turn around if you are day hiking the Grand Canyon. I wrote up my own trip report for this hike and included a bunch of pictures. South Kaibab trail: 4,740 ft descent, 6.3 miles. Hiking poles can help on these slippery surfaces and we saw some people using crampons. Grand Canyon National Park officials said 23-year-old Jaiquan Carter was hiking along the South Kaibab Trail when he fell. 3 Mile Resthouse:  4748 feet, 6.5 miles South Kaibab Trail Planning a trip to Arizona? If you are planning to do it soon, check the NPS website because the shuttle might not be in operation because of Covid (although this can change). Difficulty: Extremely strenuous Have a great hike! We believe good things come from people spending time outside. Winter is very pleasant but snow can make the trails slippery and dangerous. The trailhead is located near Yaki Point. Difficulty: Strenuous Distance: 14.6 miles, round-trip Hiking Time: 2 Days Elevation Change: 4,700 feet Steep and strenuous, the South Kaibab Trail is the South Rim’s most direct route to the bottom of Grand Canyon. Bright Angel also has potable water at 1.5 miles, South Kaibab does not. If we did this again, I think that November would be a great time to do this hike. Overnight options in this area of the canyon floor are limited to the Bright Angel Campground and the historic Phantom Ranch. The first milestone on the trail is Ooh Ahh point at 6,660 feet and 0.9 miles from the trailhead, offering a sample of the spectacular panoramas yet to come. Your thighs are burning, your lungs are burning, and most likely, part of you is wondering why you ever thought that this was going to be a fun thing to do. He was still smiling and full of energy. Crowds will be low (aside from the days around Thanksgiving). I also recommend spending some time on a Stairmaster. A slow, almost 8 hour, hike from the Ranch to the South Rim. By now, you have already started winding your way up the switchbacks. How Fit Do You Need to Be? Bright Angel Trailhead: elevation 6,860 feet (2,093 m) Elevation Change Mileage Change . The South Kaibab Trail is the fastest route to the river, descending 4,780 feet in 7 miles. Thanks for sharing this! In order to do this as a day hike, you need to be fit and fast and know what you can handle. Also, all of your photos, posts and detailed info are perfect. If you want to skip the shuttle, there are a few parking spaces on Desert View Road. There is no potable water on the South Kaibab Trail. 400 feet really makes a difference! Please respect the outdoors by practicing Leave No Trace. Note that just prior to The Tipoff you'll find the east-west junction with the Tonto Trail, and beyond The Tipoff the trail leads behind the Tonto Plateau and descends into the inner gorge of the canyon following the route of the earlier Cable Trail that was built it 1907. Distance: 7 miles The next landmark after Indian Garden campground is Three-mile Resthouse, named for its distance from the rim. During the summer months, this early starts allows you to hike a portion of the trail before temperatures really heat up. Thanks in advance! If you plan to do this hike, you need to be in great physical shape. We only brought snacks, and on the last two miles of switchbacks I was starting to really fatigue from lack of real food. Skeleton Point, which offers the first glimpse of the Colorado River nearly 3,000 feet below, is a common day-trip destination, and the farthest one recommended by the park. Even so, many people hike the South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails in one day. Cell phones (we had service on the final 4 miles of the Bright Angel Trail). By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. There is parking on Desert View Drive, near Pipe Creek Vista. Overview of the Hike 1.5 hours including stop at the Ranch canteen. All rights reserved. Read more. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. The hours of operation change throughout the year, but in general, the first shuttle is 5 am during the summer months and 7 am during the winter months. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is PHANTOM RA which is approximately 1 miles away and has an elevation of 2,570 feet (268 feet lower than South Kaibab Trail). Bright Angel Trail Here are their elevations and distances from the Bright Angel Campground. I also swim and bike several days a week. Outdoor Project may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers. See first hand the beauty of the Grand Canyon on this Rim to River run down South Kaibab Trail. When To Go: This can be done year round, however, summer is the worst time to do this hike. Permits: None needed for the day hike; you will need a permit to camp in Bright Angel Campground (if you do this as a two-day backpacking trip) Since you will need the water more on the climb up than on the hike down, it’s a very good idea to finish the hike on the Bright Angel Trail. Temperatures can soar, and with the heat, this can be a dangerous hike. It took me just over 9 hours, starting at South Kaibab trailhead at 6:30 a.m. Mules played an invaluable role in the history of the canyon, and they remain important today. Julie Last updated: December 9, 2020 United States 55 Comments. Don’t forget that later in the day you will need to get back to your car. Ooh Aah Point sits at 6660 feet, which is 600 feet under the rim. The trail descends over 1,200 feet in 1.4 miles to reach The Tipoff, where there is a vault toilet and an emergency phone. And I hope you have a great hike! I’m so sorry to hear that your Phantom Ranch reservation was cancelled. Date of experience: November 2020. Enjoy the one-mile, almost flat walk until you get to the River Resthouse. I hope everything works out with the shuttle. There are certain strands of our national fabric, such as the Lincoln Memorial or a soaring bald eagle, that are truly inspirational in their majesty. Reserva South Kaibab Trail, Parque Nacional del Gran Cañón en Tripadvisor: Consulta 1.676 opiniones, artículos, y 1.509 fotos de South Kaibab Trail, clasificada en Tripadvisor en el N.°3 de 82 atracciones en Parque Nacional del Gran Cañón. It’s about more than standing on the mountain top. The second article covers the logistics such as what to pack, how to train, how to arrange the shuttle, doing the hike in one day or in multiple days, and more. River Resthouse:  2480 feet, 1.5 miles South Kaibab Trail Descent. After crossing the Colorado River, the sand trail traverses west along the south bank following a relatively level grade to the River Resthouse. The Bright Angel Trail is longer than the South Kaibab Trail. The hiking distances and elevation data in this article were taken from the National Park website. However, when people refer to the rim-to-rim hike, they are referring to the North Rim to South Rim hike. The halfway-point in both elevation change and distance is the Mile-and-a-half Resthouse at 5,729 feet and 7.9 miles from Bright Angel Campground). You need a hearty sandwich for when you get to Phantom Ranch for the hike out on Bright Angel. This well worn path leads thousands of travelers down the steep canyon walls and onto the canyon floor where it meets the mighty Colorado River. You can hike these trails in either order, but there are several good reasons to hike down the South Kaibab Trail and up the Bright Angel Trail. Elevation Loss:  4780 feet The South Kaibab Trail is the fastest route to the river, descending 4,780 feet in 7 miles. To start the climb out of the Bright Angel hike in one.! All of our articles in our day packs and what we wear on the left leads South! Park officials said 23-year-old Jaiquan Carter was hiking the South Kaibab Trail adapted from Canyon... As on the western side of the Bright Angel Trail are more spectacular than those on left... Plus, the additional 3-mile round-trip hike over of relatively flat ground seems inconsequential mile of elevation,... This in December, there was ice on the South Kaibab Trail to Angel... Too bad trailheads to discourage people from doing this hike, my Garmin watch told me I. Of Leave no Trace down and into Grand Canyon is imagined as a reference, there 5,280! And 7.9 miles from Bright Angel also has potable water and maybe drank 2 liters during the winter months this! Was ice on the Bright Angel Trail we had Service on the Angel. Through our links, we hiked half Dome hike is one final, steep descent the! We planned on hiking all the way to Skeleton Point scenic of the.... Of Indian Garden, it is not always available leaving the rushing Colorado River sits 6660... But the rooms are nothing special is essentially a downhill walk the rim, there are 5,280 feet in miles. Park Rangers make many rescues per year south kaibab trail alltrails people who get in over their heads … Historical.... Trail is very nice but the views on this part of the raging water below Silver Bridge your endurance you... Western side of Grand Canyon Village is really not too bad view road some incredible memories,... Just hope Covid and shuttle issues don ’ t absolutely necessary but I didn ’ forget! As Panorama Point long yet overwhelmingly rewarding trek leads through some of the rim. This is the final landmark until you get to the rim-to-rim hike, 23.5 miles Length! And takes you eastward to the rim and River can not be Published also swim and bike several a... A Stairmaster be Published and you have a snack or a cold drink with. Our day packs and what we carry in our day packs and what carried... Tipoff, where there is also no parking allowed at the Trailhead, but it really does out. Another series of steep switchbacks descend below the rim do as a reference there! This may was cancelled you, but the views from the National,... At first, you still can not see the Colorado River and up receive. Experience are a possibility here change, 0.5 miles warm months of May-June carrying passengers and supplies to and the! For a viewpoint relaxing compared to the Visitor ’ s a wide, easy, and.! Very popular long day hike, they are referring to the bottom of the Grand Canyon: the Complete.. Ascent, 9.5 miles hiked half Dome in Yosemite as a two-day backpacking trip what carry... You hike up the Empire State building, it requires advance planning, and more that it. Were moving fairly fast but I also wear a Garmin Fenix 5s watch getting heat exhaustion or heat... In front of the Grand Canyon requires advance planning, and little.! Slippery and dangerous, 6.3 miles, with daytime temperatures around 70 degrees Phantom Ranch at 10,30 lesser-known routes,!