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Wild About Wikis

An introduction to everything wiki. Published in the August issue of Technology & Learning Magazine.


Staff Development 2.0

This paper, published as the cover story for the May issue of Technology & Learning Magazine, address the factors that contribute to a high-quality professional development program.


Using Flickr in the Classroom

This paper addresses the various use of Flickr photography in the classroom, including applications to visual literacy.


Standards-Proof Your Digital Storytelling Efforts at

OK, why should we teach digital storytelling. Because the standards say so. Ammo for when you are asked "Why are you doing this?"


Making a Case for Digital Storytelling

Explains why we should be using one of the most effective learning strategies.


Establishing a Foundation For a Digital Storytelling Program

What are the necessary steps in establishing a foundation for a successful DST program? Find out here.


Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning

This paper describes an inquiry-based approach to classroom instruction that utilizes online information as the primary information resources.


Basing Learning Experiences in Essential Questions

Effective lessons begin with high-quality, engaging questions. This paper describes the concept of essential questions.


Creating Virtual Workspaces: New Models for Developing Online Curriculum

This paper describes how to use a Project Page ( an alternative to a WebQuest) to develop critical thinking and information literacy through inquiry.


Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling

This paper describes the basics, the process, how to get started, the available tools, and what kids learn.


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