This section of my Web site contains collections of information on topics essential to understanding instructional technology and its application to teaching and learning.



21st Century Perspectives on Education | a collection of the lastest papers and ideas about 21st Century Learning.


Read/Write Web | a collection of RWW tools


Articles by Dave | this collection contains technology articles written by Dave and hosted in a variety of places (absolutely none are peer-reviewed)


Inquiry-based Learning | resources for the using the Internet to promote inquiry-based learning.


The New Shape of Information | Information Literacy.


Visual Literacy | Various resources about this critical 21st Century Skill.


Flickr Resources | my list of Flickr tools to take advantage of one of the most useful sites on the Web.


Image Collections | useful in visual literacy instruction.


21st Century Webtools | start building your own personal digital infrastructure to support your own 21st Century open source teaching and learning.


Dave's Flickr Collection | see Dave's photos on


Digital Storytelling | this collection contains useful articles, examples, how-to's, and resources about the hottest technology process in education, and its not blogging.


Digital Storytelling 2.0 | my perspectives on what's next for digital storytelling in your school


The One Room Schoolhouse | Creating Community in the Digital Age: my take on enlarging the boundaries of education towards the creation of community, and the power of community to build shared collaborative knowledge.


WebSearching | a collection of cutting-edge search tools to find 21st Century content. Not your typical collection.


Favorite Readings | a collection of timely, and thought provoking papers about the role of technology in education


Out There Stuff | really cool stuff, not quite mainstream, at least not yet


U46 Collection | resources used in the Elgin District U46 presentation


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