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A set of resources and tools for locating and using visual imagery.

Flickr / Woophy


Flickr: online photo sharing-now contains 17 million photographs.

Woophy: another emerging photosharing site, allows users to locate photography by geographical location.



National Archives | Teaching with Documents-analysis sheets found here also

Online Image Exhibits | National Archives

Powers of Persuasion | National Archives

Picturing the Century | National Archives

Designs for Democracy | National Archives

Featured Documents | National Archives

Flickr Bomb Blasts Community | London July bombings

WillRich kid collection at Flickr

Interestingness at Flickr

Dave's photos at Flickr

Flicktion pool at Flickr | image for Flicktion | image2 for Flicktion | image3 for Flicktion | image 4 for Flicktion

Primary Source Digital Archives and Collections | Chico High School, Chico, CA.

Photo Essays from Time Magazine

New Orleans BridgeCam Photos | screenshots I took as Katrina approached.