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Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning 2005

Original: Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning |

Basing Learning Experiences in Essential Questions | | online tool for creating online inquiry projects

Inquiry-based Learning | very informative site from

Five Standards of Authentic Learning | Fred Newmann and Gary Welage

Understanding by Design Website | ASCD



Inquiry-based Learning | the basic process

Inquiry and information literacy | this diagram relates my vision of the linkages between inquiry and information literacy

Inquiry and the Project Page | the process of inquiry can be structured within an online format called the project page. The project page is my answer to the Webquest, and can be built using my online tool,

Inquiry, Information literacy and the Project Page | in this diagram, I relate the three ideas, so using a project page, you can build information literacy skills while students process curriculum through inquiry.

Creating Virtual Workspaces: New Models for Developing Online Curriculum | my paper on the power of developing online curriculum to engage students.

Inquiry based Documents for Building Research Portfolio |


PROJECTS/WEBSITES | demonstrated in this presentation




A Tale of Two Telegrams

TinkerBall | Invention at Play

Sculpture Design | Art Interactive

Biopoint Unique Resources

Websearching Resources and Tools |