Dave's favorite stuff on Planet Jakes.


Favorite City: Traverse City, Michigan, USA, Austini, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Las Vegas Nevada

Favorite Street in the World: Las Vegas Blvd. Second Place: Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado. Third Place: Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Favorite Place on Planet Earth: Yosemite National Park, California, Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI

Favorite Goals not yet accomplished: First place: I want to stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Second Place: I want to drive the Ventura Highway, in the sunshine. Third place: seeing retirement.

Favorite Car: my Black Nissan Maxima.

Favorite Dining Experience: La Maison du Cygne, Brussels, Belgium. The restaurant is housed in a building built when they thought the world was flat. Enough said. Second: eating German food in Shanghai, China with Brian Crosy and Adam Levine

Least Favorite Dining Experience: Skyline Chili, Cincinnati, OH. Cinnamon in chili? Who thought that up? You gotta grow up with the stuff (5-way chili). A Close Second: Dierdorf's and Hart's Steakhouse, St. Louis-just god-awful prices and worse service.

Favorite Breakfast: 13 Coins, Seattle, Washington, Ham Bonz, Traverse City, Michigan, Uncle Bill's, Roselle, Illinois, Mr. A's, Arlington Heights, Illinois, Cisco's, Austin Texas.

Favorite Steakhouses: Gibson's, Chicago, IL, Bobby Van's, Manhattan, New York City, La Queue de Cheval, Montreal, Quebec, Wildfire, Lincolnshire, IL

Favorite Italian: Rigazzi's, The Hill, St. Louis Missouri, Za Za's, St. Charles, IL, Tulio, Seattle, Washington, PoPazzo, San Diego, California, Cin Cin, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Favorite Seafood: Shaw's Crab House, Chicago, Illinois, McCormick & Schmick's, Portland, Oregon, Jack's, Albany, New York, River Lane Inn, Brown Deer, Wisconsin.

Favorite Cajun/Creole: Pearl's New Orleans Kitchen, Elk Rapids, Michigan, The Gumbo Shop, New Orleans, Louisiana

Favorite Barbeque: First Place, Dinosaur Barbeque, Rochester, New York, Second Place: Stubbs, Austin, Texas. The sauce rocks, Third, Kreutz Market, Lockhart Texas.

Favorite Fish House: The Bluebird, Leland, Michigan ( get the bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) if they have it, done Bluebird style)

Favorite Pizza: A Sausage Football, Roundhead's, Downers Grove, IL, Lou Malnati's, Chicago (deep dish, sausage, garlic, sliced tomatos, and mushroom), Barnaby's Shaumburg, IL

Favorite Fast Food: Neta's, Amarillo, Texas-Green Chile Cheeseburgers, Fried Jalapeno's, and 128 oz. of Cherry LimeAde to wash it all down. Awesome. SuperDawg, Chicago, IL

Favorite Deli: Avagadro's Number, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Second place: Carnegie Deli, Mirage Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, Third Place: The Roxy, Times Square, Manhattan, NYC, New York.

Favorite Jakes-themed Restaurant: Jakes Famous Crawfish Restaurant, Portland Oregon, Jake's Steaks, Laclede's Landing, St. Louis, Missouri.

Favorite Possessions: First Place: my 1981 UW-Stevens Point baseball camp bought on the day I graduated college. Second Place: a red block of wood from the blocks I played with as a boy at my grandmother's house. My cousin gave it to me on the day my cousin Bill passed.

Favorite Beer: Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewery, Ft. Collins, Colorado, Buffalo Gold, Colorado.

Favorite Sports Team: da Bears Least Favorite: Chicago Cubs. Go White Sox...

Favorite "Meeting Places": Hand's down winner-Ella's, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Second Place: Flying Saucer, Ft. Worth Texas, Third Place: Spanky's, Savannah, Georgia, 4th: The Dark Horse Tavern, DeWitt, New York.

Favorite Dave Photo taken by Dave: Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast at Arcola State Park.

Favorite Web Site: what do you think? Also, and

Favorite Buddy and Life-long friend: How-way

Favorite Decision: becoming a teacher

Favorite Moment: coming home from an extended stay in the South, seeing and smelling the cornfields of Central Illinois...

Favorite Most Humbling Moment: anytime I work with kids.

Favorite Educator: anyone who wears their passon on their sleeve, anyone who realizes its about kids and not them, anyone who steps out and takes risks beyond their comfort zone, anyone who hasn't taught 30 years one time, anyone who is more than 5 periods and out, anyone who refuses to use the dreaded worksheet, anyone who refuses to use time as an excuse for absolutely everything, anyone who will move forward despite the obstacles...

Least Favorite Educator: those who think its about them and not the kids, small people who don't work hard and give eductors a bad name, people who are control freaks, you know who you are...