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New websites with fabulous collaborative potential emerge almost every day. Here are a few of my favorites for linking together people.


FURL allows you to "clip" web pages. In other words, you actually save the page you are viewing into your account. The complete page...yep, that's right. These clippings are completely searchable according to the keywords you supply when you do the clipping. As with any 21st Century WebTool, a account comes with an RSS feed, so you can publish what you clip. People who subscribe to your feed are called your Furlmates. How cool is that?

See Dave's Furl account.

Dave's Furl RSS Feed:

Furl Tutorial

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SPURL allows you to upload bookmarks, including those on your home machine to an online Web account. Nothing new here...however, organize your favorite sites by folders and each folder produces an RSS feed. Now were talkin'. Additionally, set up your Spurl account to drive favorites right into your account. This level of interoperability simply delights Dave.

It doesn't stop with Furl. Get a account and start saving those bookmarks or favorites. These can be organized by tags. Guess what? Yes, it too produces an RSS feed, so people can see what you bookmark.

See Dave's account.

Dave's RSS Feed:

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See a similar Website: Save a favorite into spurl and it can go directly into Will it ever end...



Flickr is a social collaborative site for sharing photography. Create tags and link to others with similar interest to build community centered arount photography.

You know Dave has a Flickr account. See it here

Go to page to collect RSS feed.

Spell with Flickr (amazing!)

Colr Pickr; pick a hue and it does the rest

Fickr Chia Pet: sorry, I couldn't resist

See more Flickr tools here



Co-link is a system for collaborative hyperlink building. Imagine a section of text, with hyperlinks like normal. However with Co-link, those hyperlinks can have multiple links to Web sites, and...any user can add a link to the work in a passage. Unfortunately, you have to load it on a server, but can an easy access version be far behind?

Click on english version>Click on demo in menu bar




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