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Photostory 3 is a free download from Microsoft that can be used in digital storytelling projects with excellent results. Photostory requires Microsoft XP and Windows Media Player 10. I have created a tutorial handout as well as screencasts for each step of the digital storytelling process with Photostory 3.


Photostory3 Download | Microsoft

Windows Media Player 10 | Microsoft




Photostory 3 Tutorial | requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

FlickrStorm Tutorial


PHOTOSTORY 3 SCREENCASTS: The process of digital storytelling with Photostory 3.

Screencasts require the Flash Player. Get Flash.

CONTEXT: The simple digital story that I am making in the screencast tutorials is about coming home from an stay of five years in the Southern United States. Being from Chicago, I missed many things that I took for granted. The story is in the format of the MasterCard priceless commercials.

Tutorial 1 | Beginning the digital storytelling process, corresponds to pages 1-2 of the tutorial handout.

Tutorial 2 | Removing black borders from images, corresponds to page 3 of the tutorial handout.

Tutorial 3 | Adding text to a title slide or image, corresponds to page 4 of the tutorial handout.

Tutorial 4 | Adding your voice narration.

Tutorial 5 | Customizing motion with Pans

Tutorial 6 | Customizing motion with Zooms

Tutorial 7 | Fine tuning motion in your digital story

Tutorial 8 | Adding transitions

Tutorial 9 | Adding background music-mp3's

Tutorial 10 | Adding background music-onboard music

Tutorial 11 | Finishing Your Digital Story



Tutorial 1 | Introduction to the interface

Tutorial 2 | Adding an additional search and downloading the search image tray.

Tutorial 3 | Downloading images from the FlickrStorm photoset, and using them to begin creating a digital story.



Blank slides for Photostory projects | use for text or title slides.


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