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I offer a variety of technology professional development services for school districts, including keynotes and workshops on a variety of timely technology issues.

I have been giving presentations and workshops since 1995 on various topics and am widely recognized as a engaging and capable presenter on technology. Presentations can be scaled for a variety of time lengths and audiences.


Presentation fees are available on request.

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Current Keynote presentations are:

Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype:  Focusing on What Really Matters | presentation resources

The Global One Room Schoolhouse:  Learning in the Digital Age

Black Coffee:  Keeping IT Simple

On the Development of Digital Learning Spaces

An Organizational Approach to Web 2.0

This presentation explores the factors organizations need to successfully implement connective technologies on a systemic basis.

Audience:   Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff,  Curriculum Specialists

Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype:  Focusing on What Really Matters

This presentation examines the concept of literacy as a guiding principle for the use of connective technologies in schools.

Audience:  Administrators, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers,  IT Director/Coordinators

Keynote Presentation

Developing Digital Learning Spaces:  From Vision to Reality

This presentation examines the development of a multidimensional online learning space composed of a course space, a student-content creation space, and a knowledge commons, where all groups involved in student learning in a school can contribute content and learning strategies.

Audience:  Administrators, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers,  IT Director/Coordinators

Can be given as a keynote

Standing Room Only:  How to Create Unforgettable Presentations

This presentation provides 10 strategies for improving visual presentations.  The strategies are based in brain-based learning and the principles of visual literacy.  This presentation is targeted at strategies that teachers can use with students but can be adapted for any specific group

Audience:  Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators

Black Coffee:   Keeping IT Simple

This presentation explores approaches schools can use to appropriately utilize learning technologies in a explosive technology world.

Audience:  Teachers ,  Administrators, Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators

Keynote presentation

Cartography on the Cutting Edge

This presentation examines proper instructional methodologies and the technology requirements for using Google Earth and Maps successfully with students.

Audience:  Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators

Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives:  An Introduction to Digital Storytelling

This presentation explores the power and promise of digital storytelling, and how teachers can help students tell the stories of their lives.  Includes examples and explains the processes and strategies for effectively using digital storytelling the first time.  This is an introductory presentation. 

Audience:  Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators

Digital Storytelling 2.0

This presentation examines the evolution of digital storytelling, and how emerging technologies influence the process.  Can be presented after "Capturing Stories" or can be presented as a stand alone presentations

Audience:  Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators


140 Characters:  Learning to Connect with Twitter

Do you want to know what I had for breakfast? How bad traffic is in Chicago rush hour? Of course not! But would you like to be able to see resources that you wouldn't have, access learning opportunities that you wouldn't have, and develop a rich network of professionals that can advance your own learning, while having a little fun at the same time? This session will teach you the language of Twitter, and how 140 characters can be leveraged to obtain resources, engage in conversation, and be energized by ideas.


Life on the Screen

As our personal and professional lives become more and more represented in the digital, how do we create a presence that supports who we are, our learning, our work and our lives?  This session explores a methodology that can be used to creatively and consciously promote and project our digital selves.  We'll explore a variety of tools and their affordances, and see how mobile devices can serve as a platform for sharing and distributing our lives.  Leave the session with an understanding of new tools, a plan for scaffolding these tools accordingly, and a developing perspective about the digital you.

Creating Immersive Learning Environments

This presentation explores how teachers can blend a wide variety of online resources and media together to develop highly engaging digital media learning environments

Audience:  Teachers , Curriculum Specialists, IT Director/Coordinators

Ten Keys to Professional Development

This presentation addresses the key components for building systemic and successful professional development experiences and programs.

Audience:   Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff,  Curriculum Specialists, District level personnel

The Global One Room Schoolhouse:  Creating Community in the Digital Age

This presentation explores the role of creating local and global learning communities, and how schools can successfully scale and scaffold collaborative community-based learning.

Audience:   Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff,  Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, District level personnel

Keynote presentation

Digital Footprint:  What School Officials Need to Know

This presentation presents the concept of developing a digital footprint, what to be concerned about, and how schools can proactively help students build a successful online presence.  A highly appropriate presentation for parents, and this can be given the night before a conference for that group.

Audience:   Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators/Staff,  Teachers, Curriculum Specialists, District level personnel and parents.

Hitting a Moving Target:  Best Practice Teaching and Learning

This presentation explores the intersection of best practice teaching and learning and technology

Audience:   Teachers, Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators,  Curriculum Specialists

Towards a Framework for Visual Literacy Learning

This presentation explores the critical importance of media in education, and provides a scaffold for understanding how to promote visual and media literacy while helping students develop the skills they need for learning and living in a media rich world.

Audience:   Administrators, IT Director/Coordinators, Teachers, Curriculum Specialists