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The following resources support my RSS presentation at CUE 2007 in Palm Springs.

Presentation PowerPoint at

Presentation Handout


RSS Resources: more resources can be located by looking at my RSS feed from RSS feed | all users

my RSS feed

The Human Network: great resources, complete with the commercials about connecting people and ideas | Cisco Systems

RSS feeds for Live Searches: how to construct a feed that returns results from a Live Search

RSS Diagram on Flickr | jrhode

Buoys that report data via RSS


RSS Uses | Articles

25 New Ways to Use RSS |

35 Ways You Can use RSS today | Micropersuasion

Little Known Ways to Use RSS | Jason Kolb

Web 2,0 Ideas for Educators, A Guide to RSS and More | Quentin D'Souza

RSS Guide for Educators | Will Richardson


Feeds and where to find them

My public Bloglines feeds


Google Blog Search

My Blogroll




Google Reader






Creating Feeds

From Web 1.0 Web pages, use page2rss. 1) go to the Web site you are interested in 2) Copy the URL 3) paste the URL into the page2rss window 4) Click the to RSS button 5) right click on this link and choose copy location 6) paste into subscription window of aggregator

From Google Searches, use GoogleAlert 1) get an account 2) login 3) Add your 3 searches 4) Click on Feed Settings 5) Copy the RSS feed 6) paste into the subscription window of your aggregator.


Where is all this going?

Pipes | Yahoo

SpashCast | create your own media channel


For Fun:

The Top 5 worst uses of RSS | inkblots