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View the presentation | requires Adobe Acrobat

View Father Guido Sarducci | 5 Minute University

Digital Storytelling Resources |

Photostory 3 Download | Microsoft, requires XP and Windows Media Player 10.

Photostory Tutorial | | get mp3 music for student projects, copyright appropriate for kids


Sculpture Design | click on Create a Sculpture

Tinker Ball

Funderstanding Roller Coaster



Build your own Web learning experiences |



How would you use this single image in instruction?

Check out Flickr, where the kids got their images for the digital stories | here is the search page for the attribution only block, you can use these photos for any purpose as long as you attribute their authors | NOTE: this is a Web photo site, you will see everything, so caution is in order

Dave's Flickr account

Read an Introduction to Digital Storytelling to see how its done.



Read Dave's blog, The Strength of Weak Ties