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Certain photography from can be used in the digital storytelling process. Flickr offers its user the ability to assign Creative Common licensing-an emerging methodology for describing intellectual property rights. Here's how to get started:


1. Access the Flickr Creative Commons page.

2. Four different licensing categories are available; I suggest considering Attribution and Attribution-Non Commercial licensing. Both these categories allow students (as well as you) to use the photography but you must include the name of the author(s) of the photographs you use (you must supply attribution). These two categories permit access to over 550,000 photos.

3. To search the Attribution pool of photos, click here. To search the Attribution-Non commercial pool of photos, click here. To search multiple tags and titles of Flickr images, click here-please note, you will have to check the Creative Commons license.

4. Locate the photo in the search return you are interested in.

5. Click on that photo-it will enlarge.

6. In the lower right corner of the Web page, locate Additional Information.

7. Click on See Different Sizes. On the top of the page, click on the file size you are interested in. The picture will appear at that size.

PC: Right click and Select Target As...

Mac. Control or Option key and click, Choose Download...


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