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The process of digital storytelling enables students to tell their stories with a compelling and competitive voice. On this page, find links to articles and resources about the process of digital storytelling, and how to get the most out of this terrific learning experience for students.


TECHFORUM Digital Storytelling Resources

This page contains links to visual literacy resources, authentic learning information, storyboards, and 21st Century Skills.


Digital Storytelling Blog: A Competitve Voice. Read Dave's blog about the promise and power of digital storytelling.



Foundation for a Digital Storytelling Program | this brief article discusses the importance of a pilot group in establishing a digital storytelling program, or any other technology initative for that matter. Requires free registration.



All the search tools you will ever need, in one handy place.



Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling | David Jakes

See Community High School District 99 (Dave's real job) featured in Technology and Learning Magazine.

Telling Tales with Technology| Judy Salpeter

Digital Media in the Classroom: The Art of Digital Storytelling from You have to register but if you are looking for a great resource with many examples, this is the place.

Scape the Hood Project | combining digital storytelling and mobile wireless technology to tell the story of neighborhoods.

Playing Flickr | amazing, restaurant patrons at Club 11 send tags via their cell phones to have a pool of photos from Flickr display on huge screens in the restaurant.



Center for Digital Storytelling: the definitive resource for digital storytelling. Digital Storytelling Examples from CDS

Digital Storytelling examples from Scott County, Kentucky

Digital Storytelling examples from Marco Torres

BBC Wales Digital Storytelling Shoebox Stories| great examples | A Dog's Life

IKEA Lamp Commercial featured in TechForum Digital Storytelling presentations. (Thanks to Wesley Fryer for finding this).



What composes a digital story? (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

What is the process of digital storytelling? Explore each component of the process here.

What are the seven elements of storytelling design?

What do students learn?

How do I get started?

What tools are available for digital storytelling?



Teaching Storytelling | National Council of Teachers of English ( NCTE )

On Composing with Non-print Media | NCTE

On Promoting Media Literacy | NCTE


COMMUNITY: upload movies and contribute to the digital storytelling community.

StoryCorps | national project to record your stories in booths (Grand Central Station in NY) or in mobile storytelling labs upload and host your contributions to the online world.

Access Dave's digital storytelling account

What is Furl, and RSS...and why should I do this?



Digital Storytelling Online Tools: what online tools you need to do this:

Blank slides for downloading to use as title slides, etc.

Pinnacle Studio 9: 30-day free trial for the PC

iMovie: Apple product for producing digital storytelling movies.

Photostory 3: free download from Microsoft and a great way to get started

MovieMaker 2: free download, similar to iMovie on the Apple side.

Kitzu: Have young students? Digital kits that contain the elements of a digital story are available from KOCE-TV

irfanview: great simple image editor for the PC side.

Storymixer | The future of digital storytelling-online digital storytelling-see slide 28)

Filmloop | create online slide shows, distribute them, and encourage others to add imagery, sort of a social filmstrip collaboration. Pretty Cool.



Digital Storytelling Quotes | djakes @




Laughing Babies

Shrimp on Treadmill



Side version

Top version



An introductory article on using Flickr | JOL

Flickr Searching: how to search for images in Flickr using the new search features.

Summer in the City Flickr image for initiating story

Access instructions for using photography from in storytelling projects.

Flickr Creative Commons Page | access to the various Creative Commons pools in Flickr

My account-Flickr images useful for Motivator posters



Photostory 3 Tutorial | step by step instructions

Photostory 3 Video Screencasts | JOL

Blank color slides for creating title slides, etc. in digital storytelling movies.

iMovie HD from Apple Support

iMovie Manual from Apple (47 page pdf)

iMovie HD Tutorial from the University of Texas

MovieMaker Basics | Microsoft - transitions, titles and credits, music and narration

MovieMaker Tutorials | free from Atomic Learning

MovieMaker Basic Tutorials | Mighty Coach

MovieMaker 2 Page on Wikipedia




The Freesound Project| collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds, great for storytelling projects | View the top 150 Tags | check out the totally cool thunderstorm as an example



Dave uses Sennheiser PC-130 noise-cancelling microphones in his digital storytelling classes and workshops. Available from dbl distributing. Unfortunately, I cannot link directly to the catalog page--type in Sennheiser in the upper left seach box of this page and the PC-130 is found on Page 7 (as of 7-2-05).



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