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Visual literacy has been identified as a 21st Century Skill. As humans, we are hard-wired for visual communication (the optic nerve has major bandwidth), and almost all teachers agree that every student is at times a visual learner.

Flickr Resources

Flickr: online photo sharing-now contains over 100 million photographs.

Using Flickr in the Classroom | David Jakes

Dave's photos at Flickr

Flickr Song | Jonathan Coulton

The Great Flickr Tools Collection | Quick Online Tips

The Promise of Social Networks: examples of classroom uses of Flickr | Derek Baird NOTE: requires free registration at

Dave's flickr tag | Successories tag | Motivator

What can we do with Flickr? | Alan Levines great presentation

Just 13 years | an example of geotagging



IL-TCE presentation handout



Instructions for using Creative Commons Search | David Jakes


flAppr: a Flash-based front end for Flickr with multiple cool tools. Could be a new standard, I like it that much. Requires Flash 8 Player from what was once Macromedia.

Retrievr: draw a shape and Retrivr searches that shape in Flickr. It is cool. Links to interesting database, the author sees this as not really a search tool, but an exploration tool

Flickr Creative Commons Search | search by license pool

FlickLilli | alternative creative commons search

Findr | more searching

Flickr Search: yep, what we were waiting for, searching by photo title, or by multiple tags.

Flickr tag page | all time favorite tags

Flickr Colr Pickr: locate graphics on the basis of a variety of themes

Flickr Graph: graph the relationships between flickr users

flickReplacr: a bookmarklet that you install in your favorites, hilite some text in a Web page, select flickReplacr from your favorite menu, and it replaces the highlighted text with an image from Flickr.

Flickr Creative Common Pool Search Tool: nice. Thanks to Todd.



Flicktion pool at Flickr | image for Flicktion | image2 for Flicktion | image3 for Flicktion | image 4 for Flicktion

Botswana Image Pool | from Derek Baird article, above

Antartica Image Pool | squeedunk

As a way to view the world....

Architecture Image Pool | from Derek Baird article, above

Sandburg meets Flickr | David Jakes

DragonFly image

Photoset example: A Tale of Two Fish

Blog example: Bring Your Own Big Wheel

Planning example: HyperCamp

Teaching Art by Deconostruction

Jane Goodall's Camp | Lewis Elementary

Presentation Software?



Spell with Flickr: type in a word, spell it with letters from Flickr.

Flickr Logo Maker | create your own specialty logos with the Flickr font

Flickr Montager: create montages with Flickr images | Another Mosaic maker.

Flickr Album: enter a tag or a Flickr user ID and create an online album.

Flickr Badge Maker: make your own Flickr ID badge

Flickr Magazine Cover: take your favorite Flickr image and make a magazine cover.

Flickr Motivator poster maker

Flickr Movie Poster | make yourself a star

Delivr: enter a tag or your Flickr name and make your own postcards. Pretty cool.

Framer: put your Flickr photos into frames, including stamps, which is cool.

Slideshow: make your individual Flickr photos into a slideshow

Using Flickr in Digital Storytelling projects: my instructions on how to use Flickr/Creative Commons licensing to improve your storytelling projects.

Flickr MasterCards game | using Flickr tags

Flickr Random Photo Browser | just what the name says. Photos displayed are those that have been marked by at least one Flickr member as a favorite. Be's addictive.

FlickrRandom | input Flickr user name and produce a random search of their photos (try dj1). More features also.

Playing Flickr | restaurant that offers patrons access to Flickr through their cell phones, individuals send tags to the system and Flickr images play on the 3 large screens. How cool.

Flickr Peep Show | when will the madness end?



Splashr: multiple formats for displaying your(or someone else's) photstream. Check out 50 of my images in the Fire display.

See my 50 images



An introductory article on using Flickr | JOL

Flickr Searching: how to search for images in Flickr using the new search features.

Summer in the City Flickr image for initiating story

Access instructions for using photography from in storytelling projects.

Flickr Creative Commons Page | access to the various Creative Commons pools in Flickr

My account-Flickr images useful for Motivator posters



Creating a Flickr account

How to upload images to Flickr



Wiki application-best practice ideas-Everyone Contributes! | Jakeswiki



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