JOL>Full Disclosure Statement


Why a full disclosure statement?

I'm doing this to provide transparency to what I do and why I do it. So, when you visit my Web site or read my posts at the two blogs I write for, you'll know why I do it, and how I am influenced, or not influenced.


Why now?

It's a good idea. And I'm tired of certain individuals drawing their own incorrect conclusions about why and what I do. So here you go.


Why do I have this Website?

This Web site supports the professional development endeavors of my consulting business. Additionally, it provides useful information for anyone who wants to use it. Starting with the logo, and through entries like JakesNation, I'm trying to have a little fun, and not take all this so seriously, in a world that is too serious, too much of the time.


What do I do?

I have the greatest job ever and I work with dedicated, professional educators. After teaching for 15 years, I have been Instructional Technology Coordinator at Community High School District 99 in Downers Grove, Illinois for six years. I work 12 months of the year and am paid for 10 and I gladly do it because its too important not to. I still work with kids and teachers everyday in two high schools, so I am still functionally grounded in the needs of 5500 students and 420 teachers. My main role in the district is to support the instructional application of technology to learning.

I also have the opportunity to present at conferences-sometimes I am paid but most often I do it to contribute. My first national presentation was in 1995 and I have been working hard over the past 11 years to perfect the craft of professional development and public speaking. Nothing has been given to me regarding the opportunity to present at any conference or in any school district-I have earned it by being dedicated, prepared, and good. If you don't believe that, you can see my presentation history current through 2006, as well as the remaining presentations I have scheduled through 2007.

I also do consulting work for school districts which I am paid for, but sometimes not. The fees that I do earn vary widely and are none of your business.


Read More about my interests

Visit JakesNation.


Why do I blog?

Because sometimes I have things to say. I don't blog that much because my job keeps me pretty damn busy. You see, I still work 14 hour days in my real job. As far as self-promotion goes, I do not have a problem with an individual using a blog to promote himself or herself. People promote themselves through their ideas and their writings. Like it or not, its true. Everyone that is writing a blog is involved in the self-promotion of ideas. If that gets you noticed, and read, so be it. If that gets you presentation gigs, so be it-good for you I say. That's the way the world works so get over it.


When I mention a product in my blog, or the blog:

I do not have an association with any product I mention. If for some reason in the future I do, and I blog about it, I will be sure to indicate that relationship.


Why do I blog for

Because sometimes I have things to say and they asked me to. So I said yes. I have a long history with them going back to the SchoolTechExpo Conference days where my evaluations said to them that I did a pretty good job presenting. So they asked me to continue presenting for them. Do I care that they were owned by CMP? No. Do I care that they are now owned by New Bay Media. No. Do I think there is some grand conspiracy by to take over the world? What do you think? And if you don't like that I don't care, I really don't care.

They have never asked me to write on a certain topic, they have never paid me to write in the blog. The only thing that they asked me not to do is to put links in blog posts pointing to their competition, which I have agreed to do. That request has never once got in the way of what I wanted to write about.

Why also do I work with them?. Because they believe in me and they are some of the finest individuals I have met in my life.


Why do I do presentations?

To help people move forward with technology and to make some extra cash. Yes, I get paid for what I do at professional wages.


What to do if you don't agree with any of this?

This is a family Web site, so I won't say but I'll bet you can guess...