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This site is dedicated to using the tools of the digital age to advance pedagogical practice and student learning. Please explore the Communication, Collaboration and Collection sections of this site to access 21st Century ideas, tools, and resources.



Educon 2.2 Conversation: On the Development of Learning Spaces; my presentation for Phlly, on the construct of new dimensions of learning that a rethinking of space affords.

Digital Storytelling 2.0: What's Next: my thoughts on where digital storytelling can go, with a focus on new media, new tools, new messages, and new networks for extending those messages.

Perspectives on 21st Century Education: a collection of thoughts and ideas from a variety of groups about what it means to be well-educated in the 21st Century.

10 Strategies for Improving Student Presentations: 10 step by step ideas for providing students with a framework for presenting their ideas.

djakes posterous account: in 2009 its about being visible in multiple ways so I'm exploring posterous as a compontent of my media presence

My presentations: a list of the presentations I give is here, along with a pdf of the same.

EVENTS: new events scheduled, including presentations at Educon in Philadelphia, CoSN in Washington, DC, and the BluePrint for Educational Excellence-National Institut in Reading, Massachusetts



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The Strength of Weak Ties: My blog about the power of connecting people to drive thinking forward and in a new direction.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING: Information about my presentation services is available here.


JAKESNATION: See Dave's favorite things on Planet Jakes.


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